Swatch & Review: Cirque Colors – Metropolis FW2017 Collection


Talk about saving the best for last!!! Happy Friday everyone! Today I have the 6 piece collection, Metropolis FW2017, currently available from Cirque Colors. Yesterday I brought you the Maison Collection but now I have CREMES!!  Cremes make the world go round and right all the wrongs in the world.

Kidding!!!! I’m kidding. you guys know I love crèmes and sometimes my love and passion for them may go a bit overboard but it’s only because I am trying to convey how amazing they are. Enough with the small talk, let’s take a look!


Swatch & Review: Cirque Colors – Maison Collection


Hello, World! I’m so excited to finally introduce the Maison Collection by Cirque Colors. This 10-piece limited edition release is inspired by textures, materials and objects for the home.

 The Maison Collection is just in time for cooler months ahead, as this all-inclusive collection features temperature changing thermals, foils, shimmers and holo polishes in a variety of colors.

 Before we take a look at the polishes, let’s find out a little about the brand.Cirque Colors was created by Annie Pham in 2012, “out of a desire to transcend the limited color palettes of conventional nail lacquer brands. The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, came from the idea of the color wheel — a window onto the endless possibilities of the color spectrum.”

“Over the past five years, Cirque has explored the color continuum, hand-mixing personal color inspiration with unique pigments and raw materials, resulting in a distinct product rich in color, and high on performance. Each color is designed and small-batch manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.”

All nail lacquers are 4-Free, vegan and cruelty-free. Cirque Colors ships worldwide, except to Brazil, India, Italy and Russia and offer free shipping free shipping in the United States for orders over $50, Canada for orders over $100 and the rest of the world for orders over $200.

And get this… all orders ship out within 3 business days of order receipt using USPS mailing services. So you’ll get your beauties in no time! Now, let’s take a look at the new Maison Collection! 


The Queen’s Critique: NailDrama Box – Halloween Box


Trick or Treat,

Smell my feet,

Give me something good to eat!

Ahhhhh, it’s that time of the year again where every store you walk into has spider webs, witches hats and bats decorating aisles and aisles of candy shelves and costumes. It’s the time of year when evenings are cooler and it’s dark at 7pm. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love candy, so I go in and load up on mini snickers and fun size packs of skittles because lets face it, Starburst take too long to open. Then on Halloween night, I turn off all the lights and hunker down in the basement with a good movie and bowl of my faves.

Kidding…. kinda! I take the kids out for a couple of hours and then when they come in, I search their bags for what I want leaving them the pieces that will stay in the candy dish until Easter. I mean it’s only fair that I take payment for walking too. I mean really, the trick or treat thing isn’t easy or for the faint at heart.

While this year I won’t be dressed in costume, I will have an amazing mani to show off to the other moms. A lot of it will be with help from the October Nail Drama Box themed of Halloween.

This box has everything you need to make spooky, unique nail art. Let’s take a look at a few ideas I have in mind.



Swatch & Review: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Toil & Trouble Collection


I was never one for William Shakespeare, having to read the plays in school…gage with a fork, but in my defense, I don’t know many middle schoolers who are.

 I remember having to act out plays and study poems all while wondering, ‘what does it all mean? Why do we have to learn this? No one talks like this, why are we reading this?’

 I still have no clue but one fact that can’t be denied is the he was one of the best. He is a renown playwright, poet and actor and famous lines from his many works are still being quoted even today.

 So let’s play a little game. Can you guess the play from this song? Leave your answer in the comments.

“Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

This is a great segue into today’s Toil & Trouble Quad from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. Let’s take a look!


Swatch & Review: Jior Couture – Hello, Fall 2017 Collection


OMG, another week and we are back at it. We are officially in week 40 of 52! Only 12 more weeks of 2017 and here in MD we have officially ushered in October with amazing weather and great times.

This past weekend my family I spent time outdoors. Saturday it was a bit chiller than I had expected but we pulled through at a community cookout where Jason and I grew up. Sunday, my cousin and his girlfriend found out they were having a little girl due in Feb 2018 at their gender reveal party in Baltimore. The weather could not have been more perfect as we sat outside on the harbor. If only everyday could be like that, I’d be in heaven.

Per the usual the 24 hour weekend felt more like 2 hours because here I am again, at the computer….working. Today I have the upcoming 5-piece fall collection from Jior Couture which features crèmes, holos and shimmers… a little something for everyone. And if these photos aren’t enough to convince you that you need them, then be sure to tune in tonight 10/2 at 7:30pm et on my Instagram and in the Jior Couture Facebook fan group (links below) to see LIVE swatching of this collection.

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Swatch & Review: Painted Polish – Fall into Zen


TGIF!!! Who’s read for a little 3-2-1 action?!

3 group exclusives

2 collections

1 brand

Today I have 3 HHC (Hella Holo Customs) FB group polishes, The Fall into Zen Collections – The Holos and The Cremes all from 1 amazing brand. Yep, you guessed it, Painted Polish!

If you’d like to see how these polishes preformed, I have video from my live swatches here and here.


Polish Box: Fall Seasonal Indie Box


 It’s looks like Mother Nature has finally read her ‘Seasons Changing’ memo and turned off the heat. Today’s the first day in about a week that we are having seasonal temperatures. The weatherman is calling for a high of 78 but this morning when I woke up it was 71 and the first thing I reached for was my sweatshirt. My bed was so cozy and warm, the perfect place that you’d want to stay in all day but alas, I must adult and do all those things I dread, mainly laundry.

Speaking of which, I was so very proud of myself yesterday when I turned my mountain pile of laundry into a molehill. I finally felt as though I had accomplished something in life. I was on a high! That was until 2 mysterious baskets of laundry appeared out of thin air, like seriously?!

 I can’t!!

I abruptly yelled, ‘this is a joke, right?!’ As my 14 year old just turned and ran away. He must have noticed my….. frustration and washed a load himself! Yay, one point for me for great parenting.

Only….. he left the clothes in the washer all night meaning… I have to re-wash them. Dude, SERIOUSLY?!

Anywho, on a brighter note, today’s my moms birthday and because I didn’t get prior, approval I won’t say how hold she is, but at any age she’s still my best girl! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Now, turning our attention to polish, today I have the Fall Seasonal Indie Box featuring Colores de Carol, Anchor & Heart, Turtle Tootsie and special guest, Tonic!!!!


Swatch & Review: Turtle Tootsie – October Birthstone Trio


Between, work, school, basketball, band, run club and gymnastics, Tuesday is quite the busy day in my house. Pick up and drop off all happening at different times and at different place, it’s a little hectic but we make it work. I will say though that I look forward to Wednesdays like no other! So welcome to Wednesday folks, happy humpday!

Today I have more October Birthstone goodness in the form of a trio by Turtle Tootsie. If your new to the Queendom aka my blog, then I’ll catch you up to speed, vets bare with me. Every month Chrissy from Turtle Tootsie polishes releases a trio consisting of a glitter crelly, a holo and a glitter topper in a shade inspired by the months birthstone. You don’t have to be born in the particular month to purchase as it’s open to all. This month,  the trio represent Tourmaline, one of the 2 birthstones of October.

Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of several closely related minerals and it’s name means stone of mixed colors. Tourmaline is available in a spectrum of colors and color combinations as it is the most colorful of all gemstones. It occurs in all colors, but pink, red, green, blue and multicolored are its most well-known gem colors.

Let’s see how Tourmaline lives up to its name! 

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Swatch & Review: Bad Bitch Polish (BBP) – October Birthstone Duo


Good Morning, my polish lovin’ people!!! I greet you from MD and wish you a happy Tuesday! Yes, it’s only Tuesday and hopefully after tomorrow we will start experiencing some Fall like temperatures. I don’t know you and where you are located but I didn’t sign up for 90 degree weather in Fall. I’m ready to turn off my air conditioning once and for all and open up the windows. This is absurd! I’m ready for hoodies and cider and…and all the other Fall things. But shorts and tank tops…not so much. So if anyone has an in with mother nature, can you please tell her that it’s Fall; because apparently she didn’t get the memo.

Now that I have that off my chest…

To all those born in October and even those that are not, your wait is over!!! The BBP October Birthstone Duo will be available this WEEKEND!! If you are a lover of all things PINK, these polishes are JUST. FOR. YOU!

Are you ready? You sure?! Ok….. let’s take a look! (more…)

Swatch & Review: Baroness X Facebook Group Custom


Hey y’all! Today I have a special treat for you! Today I have the Facebook group custom from Baroness X, Anthracite. In keeping with tradition, before we check out the beautiful polish, let’s get a quick inside scoop about the brand and maker.

Baroness X, created by Demetria Williamson and is always 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. “Each Baroness X creation is 100% handmade with a precise formulation that creates a lacquer that is not too thick and not too thin for a smooth, easy application. The blend promotes a chip resistant luster. Many of our ingredients, like our multichromatic pigments and glitters, are extremely difficult to acquire. Some of these same ingredients are used to create currency around the world. And as such, are strictly controlled. We test all our glitters to make sure they won’t bleed or curl up. In short, our lacquer is perfection in a bottle.”

That is a statement I’d agreed 200% with. That said, I’d like to officially welcome Baroness X and Demetria to the Queendom. If you’re not familiar with this brand I suggest that you change that immediately. Even before receiving this polish for review I was a fan. The formulas of the 9 polishes I own are a pure delight and I love them.