The Queens Critique: Wildflower Lacquer – Wax Melts


Hey Sugas!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for candles and wax melts. I believe this is because I have a strong sense of smell. Jason and the kids tease me about being able to smell things that are miles away…lol! I can’t help it, I was born this way.

Nevertheless, candles and wax melts are my thing. I use to spend hours in the candle/wax isle smelling all the candles and those high-end shops…. forget about it. Jason and the kids would just leave me in the mall, run their errands and come back for me. To me smell invokes memories and memories, good or bad, are life lessons. For instance, the scent of warm apple pie reminds of me being in my grandfather’s late wife’s diner. She made the best homemade pies. Vanilla will always be a classic and reminds me of the warm vanilla sugar scent I used to wear all throughout high school. 

I love that I can support indie brands and purchase wax melts, a cleaner and safer alternative to the traditional candle. Wax melts are totally on trend right now and are budget-friendly. Today I have 3 scents from Wildflower Lacquer, Celebrate Good Times, Creaming For You and Spa Day, all of which are currently available online. 

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The Queens Critique: Anchor & Heart Lacquer – Nail Care Essentials


Hey Sugas!!! We all know that every great outfits starts with the essentials, right? You remember mom saying “make sure you have one clean underwear when you go out!”, it’s because it’s important. When you hop out of the shower and get dressed, what’s the first piece of clothing you put on? I’m 99% sure its some sort of under garment. Now…. if you don’t put anything on, that’s a conversation for another day, so let’s assume you do. Underclothing is the base.

Your manicure should be no different. The essentials are extremely important. #basecoatsmatter!!! To me, the base is just as, if not more important than the top coat. The base gives the polish an anchor, something to hold on to. It will help reduce chipping and wear AND if you apply one that has nourishing ingredients, you can even start to see an improvement in growth and overall appearance. For me, I NEED a fast drying top coat because as a busy woman, I’m always on the go and don’t have time to sit for 30 mins while my polish dries. Who does???

Introducing the complete, new Nail Care Essentials line from Anchor & Heart Lacquer. Now while you’re shopping for great polish, you can purchase everything you need in one order to take your mani over the top. The Nail Care Essential line includes, a matte topcoat, strengthening base coat, cuticle oil, fast drying top coat and a conditioning base coat. 

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The Queens Critique: Le Petite Indies Box – The Ultimate Man-a-cure


Hey Sugas!!! Now that Mother’s Day is over is time to start thinking about that special man in your life. For me it’s my amazing hubby Jason. He works so hard and tirelessly for his family and he never complains. As a truck driver, Jason is constantly in and out of his truck on his feet handling boxes all. day. long. So rather than treat him to a t-shirt of coffee mug that says “World’s Best Dad”, I thought it would be nice for a change to treat him to a spa day. Why not pamper the man who pampers me and take of his hands and feet for a change.

For The Ultimate Man-a-cure, the collaborating makers behind the Le Petite Indie Box thought of EVERYTHING!!!! And what makes this box so great, is that it’s unisex. Yes, I did say pamper him, but I didn’t say only him… LOL. Go ahead treat yourself too!!  

The Ultimate Man-a-cure Box includes: 

    • Strong Bond Base Coat from Fanchromatic Nails
    • Purrfect Matte Topcoat from Sassy Cat Lacquer
    • Ego Boost Pumice Scrub from Alter Ego
    • Helios Beard Oil from KNI Beauty & Bath
    • Emory board and cuticle pusher

For a live look on how I used these products for Jason’s man-a-cure at home, join us this evening, May 13th, at 7pm est on my Queen of Nails 83 FB page (direct link to page below).

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The Queens Critique: Night Owl Lacquer – March 2019 Crème of the Month and Comparisons

The Queens Critique: Night Owl Lacquer  – March 2019 Crème of the Month and Comparisons

Hey Sugas! About a week ago I treated myself to some cremes because I work hard and deserve it. I had been eye-balling the March 2019 Creme of the Month from Night Owl Lacquer but once on the site, I feel deep into a spiraling rabbit hole. Next thing I know in my cart, I’ve got all of the Cremes of the Month, excluding Aug and Sept 2018 because I had the pleasure of swatching them and Nov 2018 because I didn’t think I needed it…boy was I wrong!, and the In the Dark of the Night (cremes only) Collection. 

Today I am excited to bring you Enchant-Mint, the March 2019 Creme of the Month. 


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The Queens Critique: My Mani Box by Beautometry (Nov 2018)

The Queens Critique: My Mani Box by Beautometry (Nov 2018)

Hey Sugas!!! Yesterday, I hipped you all to My Mani Box by Beautometry.  I explained what it is and how it works and even shared some cool manis that I created using what came in the Fantastic Beasts October 2018 Box

Today I have the November 2018 – A Tangled Web Box, which includes 

  • 2 Moyou London XL Plates
    • Kaleidoscope 11
    • Doodles 05
  • Beautometry Rhinestone Genius
  • Black Rhinestones
  • Red Rhinestones
  • Holo Stamping Plate Case
  • Beautometry Wizard of Nail Art Detail Brush

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The Queens Critique: My Mani Box by Beautometry (Oct 2018)

The Queens Critique: My Mani Box by Beautometry (Oct 2018)

Hey Sugas!!! Would you believe me if I said ‘having a great mani is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!!’

Step 1

Choose a size: There are 2 options – long nails or short nails

Step 2

Choose a frequency: Customers can purchase a 1 month (stated price), 3 month ($2 discount each month), 6 month ($3 discount each month), 12 month ($5 discount each month) subscriptions. The 1st month of each subscription (including 1 month subscriptions) will be charged as soon as it is bought. There is a flat rate of $5 shipping each month per box.

Step 3

Get nail mail! Each month open up a new box filled with the greatest nail art products from all over the world!


Yep, it’s that easy to have a great mani in the comfort of your own home delivered directly to your mailbox. My Mani box brings you nail stamping products each month fitting that month’s theme. You will have everything you need to create awesome nail art right from the moment you open the box! Each month open up a new box filled with the greatest nail art products from all over the world! Your box will contain: 2 MoYou London Stamping plates (based on the size you select), 1 nail stamping accessory, and 1-3 additional nail product(s).

Today I am excited to share with you the October 2018 My Mani Box by Beautometry. The months theme was Fantastic Beasts. I was able to create 5 stamped manis and the bonus…. I got a bunch of new tools to use!

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The Queens Critique: Dark Moon Esscentuals


Hey Sugas!!! We have a full agenda today, so we are gonna dive straight into it.

Owner and creator, Aly, is also the swatcher/blogger behind DarkMoon Nails who I featured on my blog about a year ago as a guest blogger but now she’s back in the Queendom with a brand and a new attitude!

2 weeks ago, she sent new products from a new to market brand, Dark Moon Esscentuals. Now I can’t say that the brand is new to me because I have been privileged enough to test some products, like the acetone additive, while it was in its initial testing phases. But in recent months, Aly has created a whole line of products including bath & body, i.e. bubble bath and sugar scrub and nail care items like cuticle crack. And with a name like that, you know it ain’t whack.

Ok, sorry for the corny joke, but trust me when I tell you these products are anything but.

Today’s post is featuring my partner in bath time, Jason Moore. I asked my hubby to co-review with me today because a couple that bathes together stays together. Ok, I know TMI, but just hear me out. Jason helped me review the Bubble Bath while tackled, the Sugar Scrub, Body Butter and nail care items. Here’s what we had to say…

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Moore Swatches: September Indie Pickup – Horror Movies


Hey Sugas!! I wanted to pop in for a sec and let you all know about 2 products that will be available during September IPU. Just in case you missed last months post, here’s the 411.

Indie Pickup (IPU) was created due to the growing popularity, success, increased desire and interest from makers of indie products wanting to join PPU (Polish Pickup). Indie Pickup (IPU) follows the same format as its’ sister site, Polish Pickup, but with a twist. IPU brings exclusive, non-polish items based the same monthly theme of PPU.

Available: once a month, on the third Friday – Monday. 

Shipping: All purchases are preorder and will ship approximately 3 weeks after order is placed.

So now that you’re caught up, this month’s theme is….horror movies!!!

Alter Ego has created a soap that’s kinda…. unusual. Why? Because it has the scent of chicken. As soon as I opened the package I smelled Top Ramen Noodles Chicken Flavor. At first I thought, I ‘d never use this but then I thought about how funny it would be as a prank to use on my kids. 

They noticed the scent right away and promised they would get me back… lol. This chicken scented soap would be a perfect gift for that prankster in your life. Or…. anyone that loves ramen noodles.  

LynB Designs has created a perfume oil that is both light and refreshing yet noticeable and pleasing. I love this scent and wished a had more. A little dab behind the ear lasts all day.

Be sure to add both of these products to your wishlist!


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The Queens Critique: It Girl Nail Art – The Indie Shop (TIS) Seattle

The Queens Critique: It Girl Nail Art – The Indie Shop (TIS) Seattle

Hey Sugas!!! Who all is going to The Indie Shop (TIS)-Seattle??? One.. two…. keep those hands raised high so I can see you, three.. four….

Wow, quiet a few of you! Great!!!! Who’s excited to #buyallthepolish??? LOL!!!

Now the bigger question is…where are all of my nail art, nail stamping ladies and gents at??? Those are the peeps I need to be talking to today!!! Did you know that It Girl Nail Art (IGNA) will be vending at TIS-Seattle???? Yep, your one stop shop will be there in all of her stamping glory ready to elevate your stamping game to the next level with new plates, new stamping polishes are other great products to give you the salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home.

IGNA is owned and operated by Nicole Bivins out of Washington and to find out more about her, check out my Up Close and Personal Interview along with a few reviews of other plates and products, here, here and here!

Today I have the deets on what is launching at TIS-Seattle coming up Sunday, July 22nd.

First up is IG123, a full-size plate with textures and IG124, a full-size plate with optical illusion patterns.

I know, gorgeous right?! Do  you have grabby hands yet? Keeping reading to find out what else you can expect!

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The Queen’s Critique: Ginger Fizz Boutique – Mermaid’s Grotto

The Queen’s Critique: Ginger Fizz Boutique – Mermaid’s Grotto

Hey Sugas! I trust you all had a fun and safe 4th or July. As you know I am still living the high that was my family vacation last week. This week I have myself many times siting at my desk daydreaming, about salt water, ocean breeze and sandy toes.

The weather was so perfect and playing in the water was so much fun. But the best memories were those of building sandcastles with the little ones or boogie boarding with my 11 year old or watching Jason, my cousin James and Xavier play Frisbee on the beach. Those are the happiest moments of the vacation that you just can’t put into words. But maybe you could put into scent?

As I sit at my desk today, warming Island Girl from the Mermaid Gotto Collection from Ginger Fizz Boutique, I am taken back to the time when we sat like mermaids on the beach and each gave our self mermaid names. We laughed like there was no tomorrow.

And when I warmed Pirates and Pearls, me and Jason’s favorite, it reminds me of how he smelled getting out of the shower mixed with ocean water.

Whatever the scent I am warming, it immediately takes back to the beach. And whether or not you are, or have been to the beach, the Mermaid Gotto Collection is a must for this summer season. Open up the windows, play your favorite song and warm something awesome!


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