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Press Release: Polish Con NY 2018

The Polish Convention Returns To New York!!!

Polish Con (PC) will be held June 16th, 2018 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY from 2pm EDT – 6pm EDT, depending on ticket level. 

After a successful fall show in Chicago, The Polish Convention is returning this spring to New York. This bi-annual event hosted by Ever After Polish takes place June 16th, 2018 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY. Polish Con will be filled with over 20 vendors helping attendees celebrate their love for nail polish, and nail polish accessories through shopping, live demos, tutorial tables, and meet and greets with their favorite brand owners and creators.


Keep reading to find out more…


Manicure Must Haves 2.0

About a year ago I brought you my essentials for doing a salon quality mani in the comfort of your own home. Well, I’m pleased to return with a 2.0 version! And while most of my tips have stayed the same, some have changed along my journey as I have found new products that I prefer. I also prefer a water manicure vs waterless, because the sugar scrub allows me to wash away that nasty dead skin. Tips to both included,



News You Can Use: Women of Color Swatchers and Bloggers – Part II

We did it again, we scoured the interwebs for more Women of Color (WOC) swatchers and bloggers. Last year, in Part I of Women of Color Swatchers and Bloggers, we featured multiple WOC from all races, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds to assist makers in their efforts to present their beautiful creations of polish on a vast array of skin colors and shades. To date, that post is and has been my highest viewed post with over 800 views. So I thank all of you for helping to get the word out about these amazing ladies!

Here are more talented swatchers and/or bloggers who are willing and ready. If you're not a maker, be sure to show them some love with a like, follow or comments on their social media platforms.


News You Can Use: Women of Color Indie Polish Makers

Back in June, I was asked by a friend of mine, Tanya aka Tanyatopia_too on IG, if I had a list or post of Women of Color (WOC) indie nail polish makers and sadly, I replied, “no”. When I started my blog in June of 2016, I had a post that focused on WOC swatchers/b(v)loggers because I felt there was a need for us in the indie nail polish community. My intention was always to feature WOC nail polish makers too, but it never got off the ground until now because ….life, ya know.

WOC encompasses all shades of #browngirlmagic and this post is not to exclude a race but to honor and share the spotlight with all ethnicities and races, because let’s face it, beauty is like nail polish we all come in different, shades and finishes

So here we are, and after doing my research and scouring IG, FB and the interwebs for every search term and hashtag known to man, I send out 30+ emails to WOC indie polish makers. I am excited to highlight those who responded back. Below you will read about a few amazing WOC indie polish brands, who they are and what makes them so different.



News You Can Use: Blog Changes and Updates

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. As many of you know, on the first of this month I celebrated my 1 year blogiversary…YAY! With a year behind me, I noticed some areas that could use some improvement and new ideas that I want to implement. This post is a high level of what you can expect as I continue to on my blogging adventure.


1) This month will be the last and final Center Stage Interview. 

2) The Up Close and Personal series will move from 3rd and 4th Wednesday to 2nd and 4th Saturday starting this month

3) New salutation at the end of the post to include my social media links making it easier for you to find me everywhere.


1) I’ve begun vlogging and started a YouTube channel that features swatches only at this time. 

2) Blogiversary giveaway will be starting on or around June 15 and go thru the end of the month

Polish Subscription Boxes

Hey y’all, happy Monday! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. These last couple of days have been a whirlwind of excitement. I definitely could have used a day off just to relax. But here we are, Monday morning and per the usual I’m lagging. I literally have a tell my boss I’ll be late due to traffic every Monday morning. Now you’re probably thinking, “what’s the big deal about that?” Well truth is…I’m a telecommuter…I WORK FROM HOME! But getting 3 kids out the door for school is no easy feat. I take my hat off to stay at home mothers. 

Any who, my excitement started Friday with my live “relaunch” on my Facebook page. I had gone live before but decided against it psyching myself out of doing anymore because I thought the nail community was too saturated with vloggers. But after much consideration, I decided to give it another go and hush those voices telling me ‘no’. I decided to go the FB live route because I enjoy the live interaction from the viewers and let’s face it, editing is not my thing. 

Saturday was a complete blur. I went to the store to pick a few things, a book signing/launch, the mall and dinner with hubby and the kids. Next thing I knew it was Sunday and we were up getting ready for church. After church back to the store to get groceries for the week, home for a quick lunch and then back out for my sons semiquarter finals play off game, which they won 40-28! Let’s go Cavs!!

Through all of this, I must’ve spaced out and forgot that I was blogger because I didn’t even have a post ready or in ‘draft’ for that matter. Thank goodness I have a notebook of ideas and topics I want to cover. So I pulled out my handy dandy notebook 📓 and tah-da, we have a post! As I’m sure you could tell from the title, this post is all about polish subscription boxes. Now this is different than the other Polish Box post in that these boxes are purchased and mailed on regularly scheduled basis.

Let’s take a look 👀!

Baroness X – Monthly Mythical Mysteries

Native War Paints – Monthly Mystery Box

Black Dahlia – Monthly Subscription

Pretty & Polished – Beauty Box

Glitterdaze – Daze of the Month Box

Level Up Lacquer – Multiplayer Monthly Box

These are all the ones I could find. If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments. I will also be updating the Polish Box and WOC posts in a 2.0 version, so look for those posts coming soon. 

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live to my ‘Watermarbling with Neons’ video, you can check it out here. Be sure to set an alarm for every Friday, 7pm est/6pm cst for more live videos on my Facebook page. This week…stamping!!!

That’s it for us here at the Queendom! I hope you were able to find this info helpful. Catch ya later!

Press Release: Pretty & Polished – November

Greetings to you on this humpday Wednesday! October and all things Halloween are officially over and part of me wants to be sad. I’m big into Halloween like some but I did enjoy seeing all the fun and creative Halloween manis.  I am excited though about all the new and returning polishes from Pretty & Polished (P&P).

Today’s post is slightly different from those I’ve done in the past because it’s not a S&R but instead a Press Release. Just another creative way to bring you information from a favorite here at Queen of Nails 83. I’m excited to share November updates from and I hope you have your notes pads ready because I’ll be giving you all the juicy details on throwbacks, anniversary polish, winter collection AND Black Friday Sales!!!

First up is…

I Got 5 On It

I Got 5 On It is the 5th Anniversary Nail Polish from P&P. Isn’t it breathtaking?

Next are the…

“Throw-Back” Shades

“Throw-Back” Shades include Tart, Mannequin Hands, Valentino, and DayTrippin’. These throw backs are polishes that were available in the beginning of Pretty & Polished. They will be coming in their old bottles with our old labels. The formula has changed and the look of them has been slightly altered, but they stuck with the original design for each polish as much as possible. 




Mannequin Hands

All 5 of these polishes are available for pre-order now until the 14th. I Got 5 On It is available for $9 and all 4 Throw Back shades will be available for $6.50 each on pre-order. **The Winter Collection will be available starting 11/14 and I  will have a partial S&R in the upcoming weeks of a few polishes from the Winter Collection, so stay tuned for that!!**


*Black Friday Deals and Information*
Just like last year we will be doing a week of
Black Friday deals!

  • Monday, Nov 21st: Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $10
  • *Tuesday, Nov 22nd: 20% off all orders and Free Mani Melt
  • Wednesday, Nov 23rd: Sale on Domestic Beauty Box Subscriptions
  • Thursday, Nov 24th: Free Exclusive Polish with any order over $10
  • Friday, Nov 25th: 35% off SITE WIDE
  • International customers: 20% off all week and 35% off on Friday

That will do it for today’s Press Release. Did anything peek your interest?

Huge shout out to Dianna Setterfield who provided the gorgeous
swatches in todays post. Please be sure to go and check out her 
Blog and follow her on Instagram!

Shop, Join, Follow and Like Pretty & Polished

Shop / Facebook Fan Group / Instagram / Facebook Business Page

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Battle of the Topcoat: Vapid vs Love, Angeline

You may remember a while back I did a post on how my beautiful purple holo polish, Grape Stomp, was disrespected by a well-known topcoat (TC), read about it here. I was so upset that I set out to find a TC that would not only stand up to all my beautiful holos, glitters, crèmes and shimmers, but that is also quick drying, non smearing, budget friendly, readily available and most importantly…indie!

Today I decided to put 2 well-known indie brand TC in the ring to see who was the last polish standing.

(in my best announcer voice)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, LETS GET READY TO PPPPOOOOLLLLLIISSSSSSHHHH!

*Ding, Ding! In the right corner, we have High Shine, Quick Dry Topcoat by Vapid! Aaaaaand in the left corner, we have Topped with Love by Love, Angeline. 

                         High Shine, Quick Dry Topcoat                  Topped with Love
by Vapid                                       by Love, Angeline

Here to help us out today are our officials who will keep everyone in line and make sure things don’t get messy. They will also serve as our control group. Let’s meet them (l to r), Twinkle in the Night by Domani Color, Cajun Shrimp by O.P.I. and Kismet by Color Club.

I started with 4 swatch sticks and labeled them with which brand so I wouldn’t confuse myself. 🙂
Originally, I just wanted to see how these topcoats stood up to the challenge of glitters and holos. But then, I decided I wanted to see how quickly they dried, hence the crème swatch.


To each swatch stick I applied 2 even coats of each polish, no base coat (shown above).


Above shows swatches with 1 coat of TC of the designated brand.

Here’s are closer shots of the swatches.

Overall, I have to say this was a close one and honestly…no real winner in my book as they both preformed relatively the same. Of all the TCs I own, these two are both World Polish Champs (WPC) to me. They are amazing contenders who came off the ropes swinging and never gave up.

I like each of them for different reasons:


Shop / Instagram / Facebook Business Page / Facebook Fan Group

  • smoothed glitter and left glass-like finish
  • quick dry time
  • available in 15ml/.5 fl oz square bottle only
  • $6.99
  • thicker consistency but easy to manage
  • Vapids’ wider brush allows  for better application

Love, Angeline

Shop / Instagram / Facebook Business Page / Facebook Fan Group

  • deepen the holo of Kismet
  • quick dry time
  • available in 15ml/.5 fl oz  round bottle or 2on refill bottle
  • $6.50/$24 respectively
  • thinner consistency, may flood the nail if excess is not removed from brush
  • catchy name…Topped with Love

I personally would purchase either or both based on the amazing performance these TCs put forth today. I think the other deciding factors are how they stand up to wear time and nail art.

Do you have a favorite topcoat? If so, why is it you fave?


The A, B, C’s of a Nail Addict

Ever feel like everyone is talking in a different language when it comes to their nails? Between IG, FB, YouTube, Twitter and the blogs, nail enthusiasts are describing their manis in more technical terms nowadays. No need to feel left out, you’ve come to the right place. No more scratching your head wondering what is being said, after reading this post you’ll be able to, read, write and speak fluent nailish (like English, but nail…oh never mind you get it).

A, B, C‘s

3-Free: a polish that does not contain Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Formaldehyde
3-Stroke Method: a method of applying polish where only 3 brushstrokes are used.
4-Free: a polish that does not contain Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Camphor.
5-Free: a polish that does not contain Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin.
Accent Nail / Statement Nail: one nail that is painted differently from the others
Base Coat: base coat is your first layer. Usually clear or clear with a slight tint. It’s often sticky and “anchors” your polish. It also helps to prevent staining and gives a nice smooth surface
BN: Brand New also BNNU: Brand New Never Used, BNNO: Brand New, Never Opened BNIB: Brand New In Box, BNWS: Brand New With Seal.
Brushstrokes: visible brush marks seen usually with shimmer, frosted or metallic polishes.
C-Curve: the curvature or arch of a nail as seen when looking at the nail from the tip down.
Caviar/Nail Caviar: caviar is miniscule beads
Chrome: a highly metallic polish
Cinderella Hand: the hand that does all the work and gets none of the credit. (ie: non-dominant hand)
Clean-Up: the process of removing the excess polish on fingers and around cuticles after application of polish, and nail art with a small brush dipped into acetone or polish remover and going around the cuticle and walls of the nail.
Core line: part of a brand’s permanently available collection
Crack/Crackle: polish that is meant to form gaps in an irregular pattern during drying
Crelly: a cross between a creme and a jelly polish with characteristics of both.
Crème: a polish formula that is opaque can be available in glossy, matte and textured finishes
Cruelty Free: products that are not tested on animals.
Dabbing: polish application needed with some glitter polishes or nail art techniques.
DC: this can mean two things. Discontinued in terms of polish or Delivery Confirmation in terms of shipping
Decant: a mini sized bottle of polish created by pouring polish from a full sized bottle.
Destash: a sale of previously owned, lightly used or sometimes new, nail polishes and/or nail related items. This can be done on various platforms: FB groups, IG, Storeenvy, Pintrest, etc
(D)ISO: (Desperately) In Search Of
Drag: also known as balding, or cuticle drag, it refers to the bald spots that sometimes occur when you paint a second coat and the second coat appears to remove a section of the previous coat and makes application look streaky.
Duochrome/Multichrome: polishes that change color depending upon the angle from which they are viewed. Duochrome = two color change, Multi = multiple
Dupe: an almost exact color and texture finish of a polish. It can also refer to an exact polish that you bought twice
Enablers: those evil nail group ladies who encourage you to buy more polish, by posting alluring and beautiful pictures of swatches and discount codes for companies….lol
Fimo: a type of clay used to create sticks with designs rolled into them which are then cut into very thin slices and used to glue on nails for decoration.
Finish: a particular texture or appearance when the polish is dry
Fishing: putting in a lot of effort to get glitter from a nail polish onto the brush. Sometimes requiring tools to mix up the polish and get at the glitters.
Flakies: a type of irregular shaped glitter made from mylar, usually iridescent or translucent and incorporated into top coats
Flocking Powder: a velvety looking powder.
Flooding: refers to the pool of polish gathered up in and around cuticles and flooding down into the walls
Foil: refers to a type of metallic polish with ground up metal particles that is somewhat reflective OR a sheet of material with printed design used with adhesive to transfer the printed design to nails.
Foil Method: nail polish removal technique difficult-to-remove polish such as glitters.
Franken: combining two or more polishes or pigments to create a new color.
Free Edge: the white part of your nail that extends past the tip of your finger.
Frost: a type of finish of polish; shimmering and pearlescent
FWNPP: First World Nail Polish Problem
GB: Group Buy – when a bunch of people make a group order
Gap: the cuticle gap, the space between where your nail polish starts and your cuticle ends.
Gel Polish: a very popular long lasting type of polish that requires a UV or LED lamp to “cure” it, and give it a glass-like finish.
Glass Fleck: glass fleck polishes contain medium sized translucent glitters, more pronounced effect than a regular shimmer and can look like ground glass particles shimmering in light.
Glequin/Glitter Placement: loose hex glitter applied in rows and patterns like sequins.
Gradient: two or more colors all gradually fading smoothly from one to another.
Haul: Nail Haul or Nail Mail. Your shameful pile of goodies that “fell into your cart” and you humbly post pictures
Helmer: a metal storage unit with drawers sold by Ikea.
Holo: brilliant colors that shift with light, resembling the colors formed by refraction of light through a prism. Holo polishes come in many different forms: Linear, Scattered and Glitter
Hybrid Polish: applies like regular polish with the finish of gel polish (does not require a lamp to cure it).
Indie: Independent brand of Nail Polish not available in drug stores. Artisan made nail Polish, often 3, 4, and 5 free.
Jelly: colored polish that is not opaque, it looks like jelly.
Junk Nail/Mani: an accent nail or entire mani, consisting of everything you can possibly put on the nail/mani – ie charms, bows, flowers, gems, glitter, chain, studs etc.
Latex (Latex Barrier or Liquid Latex): a product that is applied around the nail bed to protect the skin while creating nail art that is easily peeled off when finished.
LE: Limited Edition polish. Only available in limited quantities for a short time
Lemming: a nail polish you want so badly that you’d consider giving up your firstborn for it.
Lobster hands: when a nail color makes your hands look more red than they actually are.
Low-buy: you promise yourself you’re going to limit your polish purchases or put yourself on a budget. (See “No buy” below)
Manicure/Mani: a cosmetic treatment of the hands involving cutting, shaping, and often painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles and softening of the skin.
Mani Shot/Mani Bomb: similar to a bath bomb but in a smaller size that when placed in water it fizzes and bubbles. It’s used to moisturize and soothe hands and/or feet.
Mainstream: a polish made by a large company; usually sold in drug and/or department stores
Metallic: a type of finish that is high in shine and mirror-like.
Mannequin hands: having nails painted with a nude color, making your nails the same color as your skin tone.
Matte: matte polishes are formulated to dry to a flat finish, without any shine. They are intended to be worn without any top coat
Melmer: a particle board version of a helmer, sold at places like Michaels
NOTD: Nails of the Day, a picture of today’s manicure.
Nail Cleavage: the underside of the free edge.
Nail Fail: or when it’s very bad, Epic Nail Fail. When your Nail Art goes wrong.
Nail Mail: basically, anything received in the Mail that is for use on your nails.
Nail Mail Buddy: a fellow polish enthusiast, with whom you enter into a verbal contract that each will supply the other with a pre-agreed package, at a set time, every month, or week.
Nailgasm: a manicure so fabulous, so awesome, you are amazingly excited by it, and post pics of it everywhere.
Nail Porn: any nail related picture, a manicure, a nail haul or nail mail that makes you encounter a Nailgasm.
Nailspiration: nail inspiration for your next nail art. Involves fruitless searching of Google, Pinterest, Instagram and photos in all your favorite Facebook groups.
Nail Vinyls: sheet of adhesive shaped tapes in pre-cut shapes such as chevron, lightning bolt, or right angles.
No-Buy: an allotted amount of time picked out by an individual during which they will not buy any nail polish.
NP: Nail Polish
Nubbins: very short nails
OOAK: One Of A Kind nail polish. A custom polish, available only once, only one batch (and sometimes one bottle) was created, and it will not be available again.
Ombre: is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.
One-Stroke: a method of painting that creates a light to dark fade in one stroke.
Pedicure/Pedi: a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails involving cutting, often painting of the nails, and softening of the skin.
Peel-Off Basecoat: a type of basecoat, usually used under hard to remove glitter polishes that peels off the nail without damaging the nail bed.
RAOK: Random Act Of Kindness.
Satin: a type of finish that give the polish a not shiny but not entirely matte finish.
Scraper: a product made of thin, flat plastic that is used to scrape the excess polish off of a stamping plate while doing stamping nail art. It could be something as simple as an old gift card or credit card, or a piece of plastic specifically designed for this.
Sheer: a sheer polish have more of a tint than an actual coating of color. They’re very difficult to build to opacity, but then, they’re supposed to be.
Shimmer: a popular polish finish, shimmers contain particles that “shimmer” in the light.
Shrinkage: when a polish “shrinks up” as it dries and is most often seen with quick-dry top coats. The polish underneath shrinks away from the tips (and/or cuticles) of the nails making it look like there is obvious wear/tip wear.
Smile Line: the smile line is that (usually) curved line where nail bed ends and the free edge begins.
Spectraflair: often used by indie makers or frankeners to create linear or scattered holographic polishes.
Stamper: a nail art tool used to transfer stamping designs, usually with a silicone top/head that is fitted in a metal or plastic handle.
Stamping Plates: metal plates with designs etched into them that are used for stamping nail art. There are many different brands that make them and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.
Stamping Polish: nail polish that is very opaque and thicker than regular polish and is used for stamping nail art.
Stash: a person’s personal collection of nail polish.
Striping Tape: very thin sticky tape
Suede: at the intersection of matte and shimmer, suede polishes are shimmers that dry to a flat, shine-free finish.
Swap: when you and a friend/nail buddy swap polishes, nail supplies and/or treats.
Swaplifter: person who makes a deal with you to swap nail polish or goods but they never hold up their end of the deal.
Swatch: photo of polish applied to the nail or a nail wheel to show others what the color/finish looks like. Usually done in order to photograph it for a blog post
Swatch Stick: a plastic stick with a fake nail attached to it.
Swatch Wheel: aka Nail Wheel. A plastic circle with multiple fake nails attached to it.
Teabag method: one way to patch a crack on the side of a nail. Similar to using silk wraps, but you use part of a teabag instead of a silk patch.
Texture: type of finish that purposely has a gritty, bumpy, lumpy and/or other textured appearance.
The Angry Vag aka Scrubby Tub or Up and Up NP Remover Dip: jars with sponge or brush soaked in acetone using to remove nail polish.
Thermal: a type of nail polish that changes color when warm or cold.
Tipwear: when polish has worn off at the free edge.
Topper: a topper is a polish specifically intended to be worn over others, such as a glitter or flakie.
Undie/Underwear: the undercoat of polish, the first color of your manicure, not to be confused with base coat.
Untried(s): polish(es) that you have purchased but remain unused.
(V)HTF: (Very) Hard To Find, referring to polishes that are literally hard to find
VNL: Visible Nail Line.
Wrapping: this technique helps prolong the life of a manicure by lightly swiping the brush across the front edge of the nail as well, reducing tip wear and shrinkage from quick-dry top coats.
Wraps/Nail Wraps – An easier way to have detailed Nail Art. Manufactured by many different companies nowadays

Whew…did you make it all the way through? Did you see a term you didn’t know? Be sure to comment and let me know. Or comment if you think something needs to be added, as our world grows so shall our terminology. Stay turned for Part II: Nail Art Techniques.


Polish Boxes

With the ever growing popularity of polish boxes, I’m sure if you’re like me, you have a hard time keeping them all in order. Who and what’s included? When do you order? Where do I order? Well, no worries, you’ve come to the right place because I have taken all the guess work out of finding your perfect beauty box. If you’re new to polish boxes, let me just say they are a perfect way to try new indie brands and support those ones you already love. Many boxes include little goodies from some of your favorite nail related brands like cuticle oil/balms, nail vinyls, etc.

This will be an constantly evolving list of any and all boxes that are on the market. Be sure to check out FB and/or IG pages/groups for swatches and any month to month changes.

If you have any information to add, remove or edit, please post in the comments and I’ll do my best get them updated ASAP. Thanks!

Name: The Magic 8 Box
Brands: Philly Loves Lacquer / Smokey Mountain Lacquers / My Indie Polish / Rica / 4 
Guest Makers
Country: US
Price: $59+shipping
Frequency: Every Other Month
When to order: The 8th of the month for the next month’s box.
Name: Holo Hookup Box
Brands: Cupcake Polish / Different Dimension / Glisten & Glow / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: $40+shipping
Frequency: Monthly
When to order: Pre-Order starts on the 21st of the month at 9 pm EST and ends
28th at 9 pm EST for the next month’s box.
When it ships: Around the 15th of the box’s month.
Name: AwesomeSauce Indie Box
Brands: Anonymous Lacquers / Ever After Polish / Lavish Polish / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: Full Size: $50+shipping, Mini: $30+shipping
Frequency: Monthly
Name: For the Love of Polish Box
Brands: Polished For Days / Illyrian / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: $27+shipping
Frequency: Monthly
When to order: First Friday of the month @ 11am PST for the current month box
When it ships: Pre-orders will take 7-14 days to ship
Name: G.N.O.M.E. Box (Glitter Nerds Of Magical Existence)
Brands: Stardust Beauty / Rica / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: $24+shipping
Frequency: Monthly
When to order: The 15th of the month for the current month
When it ships: there's always first 20 boxes available for immediate shipping 
then the rest is a preorder and ships within a week from ending preorder window.
Name: Addicted to Holo Indie Box
Brands: The Polish Bar / Sweet Heart Polish / Philly Loves Lacquer / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: $35+shipping
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Name: PDTLIB Box (Pipe Down This Love Is Bliss)
Brands: Pipe Dreams Polish / Love, Angeline / Bliss / 1 Guest Maker
Country: US
Price: $35+shipping (ships international)
Frequency: Monthly
When to order: 24 hour Pre-Order or 100 box cap starts on or around the 2nd 
Friday of the month for the current month
When it ships: 2-3 weeks after pre-order closes

Edit 7/7/2016 to add:

Name: The Color Box (This is a blogger box. 3 bloggers including Manna Berg 
(Manna's Manis), Jen Carter (xoxo, Jen), Amanda Reed (Amanda 
Loves Polish) and 1 indie maker Julie Bennett (Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer)) 
collaborate with 2 additional guest bloggers and 4 additional guest indie polish
makers to create a polishes based on the selected color. 
Brands: Changes per box
Country: US
Price: $45+shipping (ships international)
Frequency: Quarterly
When to order: 1 week Pre-Order from announced date (join group for details)
When it ships: Up to 2 weeks after pre-order closes
Name: CALM Box (Crème a la Mode Box)
Brands: Literary Lacquers / Octopus Party Nail Lacquer / Indigo Bananas / Digital 
Country: US
Price: $26+shipping (ships international)
Frequency: Quarterly
When to order: 1 week Pre-Order from announced date (see business page for details)
When it ships: Up to 10 weeks after pre-order closes

Edit 7/8/2016 to remove:

*A Box, Indie has been retired
*Vapid is no longer part of the Awesome Sauce Box

With all the new brands popping up, I’m sure new boxes are coming and current boxes will be changing. So tell me, what box are you getting???