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Guest Blogger: Aly Vanderlinde of Darkmoon _Nails – Mental Health and Manis

Happy Friday! Gosh I love that word, Friday. It just rolls off the tongue. Friday! Say it with me, FRIDAY!

Anywho, whatda say we jump right into todays post?! I have another very special treat today, another guest blogger!!! Please help me welcome Aly Vanderlinde of Darkmoon _Nails. Aly and I met via IG and she has been such a joy to know. I was delighted when she too accepted the call to guest blog for me, I guess my friends are crazier than I thought. But you know how the saying goes, ‘Bird of a feather…”

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Guest Blogger: Amanda Castoe of Secret Life of Nails – Swatch and Review – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Good Morning, friends! I’m so excited you all decided to join me back here at the Queendom because I have an extra special good post today! Did I just say ‘extra, special, good?’ Yep, I did because it is!

My dear friend Amanda was kind enough to accept my offer to guest blog for me and I’m so happy and grateful that she did. So I’ll hush up so we can check out what she has in store for us…..


Guest Blogger: Krystle Medina of TopNotchTip

Good Morning my polish people and happy Wednesday! We are one step closer to the weekend and I for 1 am super excited about that. I just have 1 word for you….HELMER! I'll leave you with that teaser and get right into todays post which come from a good friend, Krystle Medina of TopNotchTips. When I found myself in a bit of a sticky situation of skipping a post for today or asking for a guest blogger at he last minute, I went with the latter and Krystle answered the call. How thankful I am for her! So lets jump right in to see what she has in store for us today!

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