Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – May 2019 Release


Hey Sugas!!! Forgive me. I may not not be up to date on all my Marvel movies and know all of the characters, but what I do know a little about and am excited to share with you is polish. The 4 piece, May 2019 Release from Bee’s Knees Lacquer to be exact. Inspired by Marvel, BKL, created 4 multichromes which use a larger particle to give a bit of extra sparkle – because let’s face it, we all need a little more sparkle. These multicromes are extremely shifty because of all of the pigment packed into them.

In the famous lyric of Bruno Mars, “don’t believe me, just watch!”


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Moore Swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Chilling Adventures Collection, May COTM and May FOTM



Hey Sugas!! Help me welcome Femme Fatale Cosmetics to the Queendom!!! This brand is far from “new to me” but it is the first time I have featured them here and what better way to share this brand than with the newest collection, Chilling Adventures and the May COTM and FOTM.

The Chilling Adventures Collection is inspired by the popular Netflix Sabrina series. These colors were specially formulated to reminisce the wearer of enchantments, dusky woods, a sudden breeze blowing through the trees, damp soil, dewdrops on grass… and a bit of mystery.

The May COTM was inspired by the famous artwork – The Kiss. The Kiss, is an oil painting with added silver and gold leaf by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt in 1907. 

The Glass Palace, the May FOTM, was inspired by the ‘Glass Palace’ in Madrid, Spain. The incredible glass structure was built in 1887 to exhibit exotic flora and fauna and in 2006 Korean artist Kimsooja put mirrors on the floor and covered windows with a translucent filters that caused light diffraction, thus filling the rooms with the surreal rainbows. 

So there you have it…..


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Moore Swatches: Necessary Evil – The Queen Collection Part 3


Hey Sugas!!! I’m back today with the 3rd installment of the 26 piece Queen Collection from Necessary Evil. 

It all started back in December with polishes 1-4 followed by polishes 5-7 in January. Here we are in April with polishes 8-10 and to celebrate the first 10 polishes, let’s have a little fun! In the comments, leave your favorite Queen polish so far OR… using song titles only, create a 2-3 sentence paragraph about….. nail polish. I’ll go first….

Don’t Stop Me Now because There Can Only Be One Love of My Life and it’s nail polish. I know Fat Bottom Girls need Somebody to Love but I’m Under Pressure to buy all the polishes from Necessary Evil. what can i say, tt’s this Crazy Lil Thing Called Love.

Can you beat my count of 6 titles??? 


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Moore Swatches: Takko Lacquer – Spring Macaron Box 2019 and Restocked Colors



Hey Sugas!! I’m back with a brand that is making its Queendom debut, Takko Lacquer. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl at PCNY Fall 2018 where I purchased my first Takkos and it was love at first polish. 

I now have the opportunity bring you the newest Spring Macaron 2019 Box as well as some customer favorites and highly requested colors. But first, a little about the maker and brand…

“Takko Lacquer started with a love of unique nail polishes, a passion for trends and fashion, an earth loving soul and a dream to capture nostalgia, inspiration and rainbows in tiny bottles.

Each of our Luxe nail polishes are articulately hand blended with earth friendly minerals, micas and raw materials in loving small batches and individually hand poured and labeled. Our polishes are 5-free, infused with Vitamin E, PETA certified as 100% cruelty free and vegan. All proudly made in the U.S.A.

Owner & Creator Sheryl, uses her background as a Fashion Designer and Visual Artist to create colors that transcend mainstream brands by researching and experimenting with bases, pigments and micas to develop unique finishes, distinct colors and unconventional polishes for those with an unusual & extraordinary taste.”


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Moore Swatches: Tonic Nail Polish – Spring 2019 Neon Collection



Hey Sugas!! Once again I’m late *hangs head in shame, but I come bearing the Spring 2019 Neon Collection from Tonic Nail Polish. Now many of you may not know that Jason and I had the privilege of assisting at the Tonic table during PCNOLA 2019 and it was a blast!!!

I won’t bore you with all the details because next week I’ll be post a recap of my NOLA and PC experience but I’ll just say that the Tonic nation is like no other. If you haven’t already picked up this 6 piece set, don’t delay any longer – it’s not to be missed!!


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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Infinity Stones Collection and Captain Marvel UP Toppers


Hey Sugas!!! I’m playing catch up from taking a few days away to attend Polish Con in New Orleans at the beginning of the month, so I apologize for today’s delayed post.

I know many have already purchased the Infinity Stones Collection and Captain Marvel UP toppers and so therefore, you can attest to how amazing they are. If you haven’t, go ahead and pull the trigger – your bank account may be upset for a while, your nails will thank you.

As you all know, cremes are my thing and this 6-piece collection is the bee’s knees – no pun intended. In a rush for time, I didn’t get to test their watermarble or stamping abilities, but if you’d like a live FB video, be sure to comment below.  As for other nail art, this is a perfect bright, rainbow-y collection to have to for those stamping, gradient and smoosh manis.

And the toppers…. OMG!!! They are out of this world. They either of them pair well with the Infinity Stones Collection or any dark colors based for a nice pop!


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Moore Swatches: Bluebird Lacquer and Supernatural Lacquer – May the Fourth Star Wars Duos


Hey Sugas!!! Today I have the annual May the Fourth Star Wars Duos, a Light Side and a Dark Side, featuring Bluebird Lacquer and Supernatural Lacquer.

Moore Swatches: Rogue Lacquer and Riverwood Apothecary – Mother’s Day Indulgence Set


Hey Sugas!!! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th so why not give that special lady in your life an indulgent gift from the heart. 

Rogue Lacquer and Riverwood Apothecary have teamed up to create a set to spoil and pamper your wife, girlfriend, mother, sisters, aunts, nanny/babysitter, whomever! Treat her to a spa-like day for a very affordable price, trust me, she’s worth every penny.

Start her off with a mani/pedi in the comfort of her own home complete with Sea Salt and Pumice Hand and Foot Scrub, then soak with the Mani Bomb and be sure to hydrate her hands and feet with the Body Butter Bar/Cuticle Balm. Finally, nothing says ‘ahhhh’ like a matching mani/pedi using Love, a gorgeous orchid lacquer.


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Moore Swatches: Lemming Lacquer – The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Lemming Lacquer turns 4 this month (April 24th) and to celebrate, there will be a customer appreciation sale from 4/19 – 4/28. During this time, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina collection will be 10% off with no coupon code needed.  Everything else will be 20% off with the code 4THBDAY to help clear out a lot of inventory and make room for new polishes. 

Speaking of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Collection, this 8 piece collection was inspired by the 2018 Netflix/Hulu adaptation of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. This series portrays the reimagined tale of Sabrina Spellman who wrestles to reconcile her half-witch, half-mortal dual nature while standing against the evil forces that threaten her.

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Moore Swatches: Navni Beauty – Tropical Spring Collection


 Hey Sugas!!! Who ready for a trip to Hawaii??? Picturesque views and luxurious landscapes are just a few of the many reasons people visit the islands of Hawaii. Today I’m back with the newest upcoming collection from Navni, the Tropical Spring Collection.

This 6 price set was inspired by Kripa’s first trip to Hawaii and features 5 creamy shimmers and a topper.


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