About Me

FullSizeRenderHi y’all, I am so excited that you decided to join me on this journey in my life as I start to journal my passion! Before I jump right in, perhaps we should get to know each other a little better. My name is Krystal and I just recently turned 33 on May 11th. I’m a born and breed Marylander where I live with my 3 kids and wonderful husband. It goes without saying, my husband and my kids are my everything. They are the reason I breathe and do everything I do. They give me purpose and life and I love them with everything I am.

I love all things New Orleans  from the food, music and culture. My favorite meal of the day is DESSERT and I will forego all other meals for cake, pies and ice cream!! My family and I love to travel/vacation and experience new exciting things together.

So, I’m just your normal kind of gal, right?



I have this crazy obsession with all things NAILS!!! From nail polish to nail art, I love it!

So now that you know everything about me that makes us friends! So friend, get a drink, grab a seat and relax with me on the crazy ride.


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