Moore Swatches: All the Pretty Pinks – October 2019 Box


Hey Sugas!!! Pink, pink and more pink!!!

Everyone knows that PINK is my favorite color so today I am beyond excited to share All the Pretty Pinks collab box for October 2019.

This is a PRE-SALE box that will be available for a limited time… 6 days to be exact, so don’t delay! It contains two pink indie polishes made by Lisa Russell of My Stunning Nails and Angie Cavaiuolo-Neyens of Sassy Pants Polish and a pink foaming bath bomb by Angie’s sister brand, Handmade Natural Beauty. This is a Pink Halloween Box that will arrive right in-time for Halloween.


 **All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base Coat, glossy, QDTC and Matte Topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using  artificial lights.**

My Stunning Nails – Candy!

A soft pink mica with a hint of yellow mica with opaque white glitter and several sizes of silver glitter. 

Sassy Pants Polish – Pink Halloween

A vibrant hot pink scattered holographic polish with red-orange-gold-green shifting UCC flakies.

Handmade Natural Beauty – Strawberries & Champagne Scented Bath Bomb

A strawberries and champagne scented bath bomb that will leave your bathroom smelling wonderful and your skin feeling so soft!

All the Pretty Pinks – October 2019 Box

Opacity: swatches shown with 3 coats 

Price: $29 

Availability: Friday, October 4th thru Wednesday, October 9th

All the Pretty Pinks

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