Moore Swatches: Baroness X & Ethereal Lacquer – Sunwashed Grave Duo


Hey Sugas!!! I’m running off coffee and fumes this morning and slowly making my way through the day. I definitely have a new found appreciation and respect for working women who go back to school. This being a wife, mother, woman, student thing is not for the lighthearted, it takes a level of sacrifice , patience and dedication that I didn’t know I had…lol! But this is my dream so I’m going to see it through til the end because that which does not kill me, makes me stronger!

On to the polish…

Baroness X and Ethereal Lacquer combined their powerful forces to create the Sunwashed Grave Duo. Ethereal Lacquer found inspiration a sun washed graveyard photos while Baroness X drew from the spirits of a graveyard at twilight picture. Both stunning and definitely needed!


 **All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base Coat, glossy, QDTC and Matte Topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using  artificial lights.**

Soleil Sinistre

A medium earthy mauve base with a glowing red to gold shifting shimmer full of iridescent color shifting flakies

Immortal Glow (GITD/T)

A purple to blue to light blue tri-thermal with blue to purple shimmer, orange/gold/green shifting iridescent flakes and an indigo glow pigment.

Baroness X & Ethereal Lacquer – Sunwashed Grave Duo

Opacity: swatches shown with 3 coats 

Price: $24 + shipping 

Shipping: Will begin Sept 27th

Availability: Thursday, September 12th to Sunday, September 22nd

Baroness X & Ethereal Lacquer


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