Moore Swatches: Leesha’s Lacquer – Suns Out, Buns Out Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Or should I say “Hey everybunny!”

Today I have the super, sunny, summer holos from Leesha’s Lacquer, Suns Out, Buns Out. This 5 piece collection is all named after bunnies and features a HARE-raisingly gorgeous little surprise.

Any guess….???

That’s right, they are solar polishes!!! 

Watch as your nails change from colorless, to colorful, because when the sun is out, the buns are out!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, QDTC and Matte Topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights and outdoors in natural sunlight.**

Flemish Giant

A super holo with purple shimmer. Changes to purple in the sun.


A super holo with green/yellow flakies and shimmer. A subtle change to yellow in the sun.

Netherland Dwarf

A super holo with pink shimmer and flakies. A subtle change to pink in the sun.

Mini Lop

A super holo with blue flakies. Changes to blue in the sun.


A super holo with red/orange flakies. Changes to orange in the sun

Leesha’s Lacquer – Suns Out, Buns Out Collection

Overall: Thank goodness the sun decided to finally come out and have some fun! These solar holos will have onlookers taking a double look wondering what cool polish you’re wearing. No issues to report. Tried these under a UV light and the was not as noticeable, only the sun will do!

The Queen’s Choice: Lionhead

Opacity: swatch shown with 3 easy coats

Price: $10 each/$45 set (full size) / $5 each/$20 set (mini)

Availability: Friday, June 14th at 6pm cst

Leesha’s Lacquer

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