The Queens Critique: Dark Moon Esscentuals


Hey Sugas!!! We have a full agenda today, so we are gonna dive straight into it.

Owner and creator, Aly, is also the swatcher/blogger behind DarkMoon Nails who I featured on my blog about a year ago as a guest blogger but now she’s back in the Queendom with a brand and a new attitude!

2 weeks ago, she sent new products from a new to market brand, Dark Moon Esscentuals. Now I can’t say that the brand is new to me because I have been privileged enough to test some products, like the acetone additive, while it was in its initial testing phases. But in recent months, Aly has created a whole line of products including bath & body, i.e. bubble bath and sugar scrub and nail care items like cuticle crack. And with a name like that, you know it ain’t whack.

Ok, sorry for the corny joke, but trust me when I tell you these products are anything but.

Today’s post is featuring my partner in bath time, Jason Moore. I asked my hubby to co-review with me today because a couple that bathes together stays together. Ok, I know TMI, but just hear me out. Jason helped me review the Bubble Bath while tackled, the Sugar Scrub, Body Butter and nail care items. Here’s what we had to say…


Whipped Foaming “Scrubbier” Sugar Scrub

“Smells good, not too strong but very apparent and was calming and soothing.”

I loved the gentle exfoliating sugar of this scrub. It left my skin feeling refreshed, cleaner, smoother and softer. The smell was pleasant and could be detected long after my shower. I also loved the lather and little goes along. I was able to get 2 showers out of the 2oz jar. I believe I could have gotten a 3rd but someone used it. I ain’t namin any names though…lol

Whipped Body Butter


Post shower, I followed up with the Body Butter which was fluffy, light, fragrant, soothing. A little goes a long way and my skin was very happy especially having to deal with dry winter weather here in MD.

Whipped Buttercream Bubble Bath

“My skin feels clean and hydrated.”

Jason is a man of few words, but honey lft me just say, the water was just about ice cold when he got out…. lol. He soaked for so long and all the bubbles – it looked like someone put laundry detergent in the dishwasher.

Cuticle Crack (oil)

I have been using the Cuticle Crack religiously for the last 2 weeks. I have been applying it anytime my hands have been in water and right before bed. It absorbs quickly and smells amazing!!! For convenience, the pen comes in both 3 and 5 ml.

Cuticle Crack (solid)

I’m addicted to the CRACK!!! I have been using the Cuticle Crack (solid) exclusively during all my swatch “photo shoots”. Using a lot of acetone to remove my polish, I am constantly needing quickly rehydrate, so this easy, compact, solid is perfect to hydrate but leave cuticles “oily looking”. I would definitely describe this as a balm.

Dark Moon Esscentuals

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