Swatch & Review: Blush Lacquer – Blush Beauties Fall Collaboration Collection


Hey, you there! Yes, you! How the heck are ya? I’m well. It’s raining here in MD and has been for the past 2 days…ugh. I suppose the rain is good for the earth and those that suffer from allergies but I’m kinda over it. It has brought cooler weather though which is a plus, not quite Fall yet, but we’re getting there. And that wraps up my weather forecast for today.

In other news, the new house is coming along nicely. The last time we went to see it, the drywall was done and the cabinets were in. So lots of progress…. YAY!!

And to conclude this edition of more useless personal info about myself, this weekend is starting to look pretty busy. My son’s school has their homecoming football game tomorrow and as a marching band member, you know it’s all about the band for us! Saturday the marching band will be performing in a competition in WV. YAY. Who knew the life of a marching band member/parent was so rigorous?! I for one DID NOT!

So now what you came here for, the polish. Today I have the 8 piece fall collection inspired by photos and names submitted by the BLUSH Beauties Facebook group members! Let’s take a look!

**All swatches are done using QDTC and matte top coat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Colliding Constellations

A dark teal blue jelly with iridescent orange glitters and gold and copper holo glitters

Fall Flame

A tangerine base with subtle red tones and a sparkling multichrome micro flake shimmer of orange-gold-green and a light touch of scattered holo pigment

Falling Up

A faded teal with a pink-bronze shifting shimmer, small orange holo glitters and a touch of scattered holo

Floral Engagement

A deep berry purple with a shifting green-blue-red shimmer, holo pigment and gold-red-green flakies

Frosted Foliage

A black/grey jelly base with a strong red/orange-gold-green shifting shimmer, a linear holo and red-orange-gold shifting flakies

Spiced Cocoa

A deep chocolate-brown with an orange-red-gold-green shimmer

The Last Carnival

An olive base with a gold shimmer, gold flakies and holo pigment

The Scenic Route

A creamy yellow crelly with copper-gold-bronze shifting flakies

Overall Thoughts – Blush Lacquer – Blush Beauties Fall Collaboration Collection

Formula / Application: I simply adore this collection. The colors and formula are true Blush quality. The coverage is amazing and no VNL in 2-3 thin, easy coats.

Opacity: 2-3 coats

Availability: Friday, October 20th at 7pm EST in the Etsy 

Price: Full Set: $73.00

  • Colliding Constellations: $8.00
  • Fall Flame: $10.00
  • Falling Up: $9.00
  • Floral Engagement: $9.00
  • Frosted Foliage: $12.00
  • Spiced Cocoa: $9.00
  • The Last Carnival: $8.00
  • The Scenic Route: $8.00

Hashtags: #blushlacquers #blushbeautiesfallcollaborationcollection

  • Colliding Constellations: #blushcollidingconstellations
  • Fall Flame: #blushfallflame
  • Falling Up: #blushfallingup
  • Floral Engagement: #blushfloralengagement
  • Frosted Foliage: #blushfrostedfoliage
  • Spiced Cocoa: #blushspicedcocoa
  • The Last Carnival: #blushthelastcarnival
  • The Scenic Route: #blushthescenicroute

Top Blogger Picks: Frosted Foliage and Colliding Constellations

Overall: With each swatch my heart fell deeper and deeper in love. I honestly don’t know how Victoria does it, the amgid she creates collection after collection! And the brushes, Blush has the best brush for wider nail beds like mine.

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