Swatch & Review: Cirque Colors – Metropolis FW2017 Collection


Talk about saving the best for last!!! Happy Friday everyone! Today I have the 6 piece collection, Metropolis FW2017, currently available from Cirque Colors. Yesterday I brought you the Maison Collection but now I have CREMES!!  Cremes make the world go round and right all the wrongs in the world.

Kidding!!!! I’m kidding. you guys know I love crèmes and sometimes my love and passion for them may go a bit overboard but it’s only because I am trying to convey how amazing they are. Enough with the small talk, let’s take a look!

**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy QDTC and matter topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Coffee Talk


Type: Crème
A mocha brown crème



Type: Crème
A light beige creme with peach undertones

Red Hook


Type: Crème
A rich brick red crème



Type: Crème
A sweet lilac crème

Spotted in SoHo


Type: Crème
A rose-coral crème



Type: Crème
A spicy mustard yellow crème

Overall Thoughts – Cirque Colors – Metropolis FW2017 Collection

Formula / Application: smooth, easy, self-leveling, creamy formula. No pooling or streaking and quick drying

Opacity: swatches shown in 2 coats

Availability: Current

Overall: Do you even need to ask? I love them!

Cirque Colors

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