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Whether you wear them long or short, round or stiletto, everyone wants gorgeous, healthy nails. The 1 extremely important key starts with taking care of your body from the inside out; drinking plenty of water and eating the right kind of foods. The other component to healthy nails is what you do to them on the outside….and that where Allison of le Polish can help!

Key number 2 can be broken down into 2 parts. #1) keep your nails well maintained by applying a good base coat to every mani. Now notice I did not say strengthener or hardener. While those are great, and I myself use them too, you don’t want your nails too hard as they will become brittle and break, crack and split on impact. You want your nails to have a little flexibility to endure daily activity and use of a good base coat will aid in that. Base coats will allow your polish to adhere to a clean surface and help prevent staining.

#2) moisture, not water! You want to keep you nails and the skin around them smooth and well-hydrated with healthy oils. Even during the warmer months it’s important to maintain a good routine.

Today I am going to share with you some products from le Polish that will help with the latter part of these tips. For the past 3-4 weeks I have been using both le Base and Top, Cuticle Balm and Everything Balm, let’s take a look at the results.

le Base

A milky base coat perfect for making your mani last longer or to protect your bare nails!

le Base - le Polish
le Base – Base Coat

le Top

A quick dry, glossy, long-lasting topcoat

le Top - le Polish
le Top – Top Coat

Everything Balm

A moisturizing balm good for use on dry skin problem spots

Everything Balm - le Polish
Everything Balm

Cuticle Balm

A moisturizing balm perfect for your cuticles and easy to throw in your purse or pocket

Cuticle Balm - le Polish
Cuticle Balm

Overall Thoughts – le Polish Nail Care

Formula / Application: NA

Opacity: NA

Scents: Balm will be available in Cherry Blossom, Green & Clean, or Hubby’s Flannel Shirt

Price: Top and Base – $6/each * Cuticle Balm – $4.50 * Everything Balm – $7

Availability: Top and Base available now and Balms TBA

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed the base as I used it for my overnight and weekend manis. There was no chips or wear noticed during use, so I would definitely recommend the base if your shopping for a new base coat. The top coat I wore over many different finishes, ie holo, shimmer, crème, jelly, crellies, glitter, etc and there was not dulling of the finish nor did I experience any shrinking of the polish. Currently, I am about 1/2 way through the bottle and the top has not become thick and/or stringy….YAY!

As for the balms, I love them! I use the Everything Balm on EVERYTHING!!! I did a full manicure complete with pushing cuticles back and mani bomb and them applied the Everything Balm. It smells like heaven (I have Cherry Blossom) and I sniffed all day long. Ok…about 2-3 hours and I could even smell it after washing my hands.

The Cuticle Balm is every swatcher/bloggers’ dream! It leaves the cuticle hydrated but not overly greasy. I also loved the clean, refreshing scent of Green & Clean.

Of course, it goes without saying, that all of these products should be used with your favorite le Polish. 😉

le Nail Care
le Nail Care


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