The Queen’s Critique: Lina Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hey y’all! Everyone knows that the only way to celebrate the holiday season is with a fresh, unique, festive, creative mani, right?! Just me? Ok, well just go with it.

Because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, nail art stamping has become a way of life and nail art for me. There is a bountiful supply of brands and images to choose from but one brand that stands out for me is Line Nail Art Supplies.

Located in my ideal and dream vacation spot, New Orleans, LA, Lina ships worldwide and is offered via host of stockists. To date I have been able to acquire all the plates offered from this brand. Some I have purchases via the site, some through a destash and others through The Stamping Shop group buys on Facebook. Regardless of how I got them, I knew after my first use that I needed them all.

You have seen images probably without knowing in my Swatch & Review Series but starting in the new year, I plan to include the nail art info in my reviews. But nonetheless, I use these plates because they are reliable and unique. What I mean by reliable is that I know they pick up and transfer effortlessly. And the images, they are fun and take my mani to the next level. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I get from perfect strangers when I have a stamped mani.

So, the time has come to check out the 4 newest plates released just in time for the Winter/Holiday season. Enjoy…


Moore Nail Mail: Moo Moo’s Signature – The Last Night of Pompeii

Hey y’all!! Today I want to show you a gorgeous polish I was able to snag thru a destash! When I saw initial swatches on IG I knew I had to have it but my dreams were short lived because I found out that the polish was a group exclusive for One More Polish based in Russia. I figured by the time I figured out how to order and determine IF they shipped to the US, the shipping rates would be OUTRAGEOUS. But thank goodness for destashses and one mans trash…. well, you know the rest. Now whether or not the polish is still available or not, I’m not sure but, if you like it enough maybe you can score it is a destash like I did!

I bought this polish back in November but because of the move and having to do a change of address, the PO ‘misplaced’ it for awhile resulting in delayed delivery. I just opened it last night and knew immediately that I had to get it on my nails first thing. So I said good-bye to my Ho Ho Ho-liday Mani and indulged myself in The Last Night of Pompeii by Moo Moo’s Signatures.

The first thing I literally said out loud to myself was, “CRAP!!!”

I felt so many emotions while I applied the polish. Like, why? Why did it take me so long to try this brand? How I have I gone this long with out this polish?

But enough of all that, let’s take a look! Enjoy…


Be Inspired: Ho Ho Ho-liday Mani

Hello December!! Since I have a little break between pr samples, I decided to do some nail art inspired by this festive holiday and share with you, my friends!

Today is the 4th day of this celebratory month and I have my first of many holiday/winter manis. I’m super excited about this mani because I was able to use one of my new Lina plates and can I just say, I love it! Lina has become one of my favorite brands and I use this brand religiously in my Swatch & Review series. I also tried my hand at another nail art technique that I don’t use enough, foiling!

So let’s see how I did!


Swatch & Review: Tonic Nail Polish – Multichrome Madness Trio and Tonic Holiday 2017 Duo


For the sake of all things gorgeous, I hope that you didn’t blow your polish budget during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Just Because Sunday and Cyber Monday. Please tell me you save a few coins to grab the new Tonic releases. Please!

I’m tellin ya, every once in a blue moon an indie brand comes along and rocks the indie world and Tonic has been that IT brand.  A true special and rare gem. I have had the ultimate pleasure of swatching for Tonic since it launched over a year ago. It’s just one of those brands that you want and need to collect every polish created.

Can you picture Lindsey, in her magical lab, waving her multichrome wands and sprinkling in a little of this and a little of that. Ok, just me? Well, that fine I like the vision and it makes me happy. 

So without further delay, be prepared to have your socks knocked off!!



Swatch & Review: Domani Color – Winter 2017/2018 Collection


Hey y’all! The day almost got away from me. I looked up and realized it was 3pm and I hadn’t posted today’s feature collection coming from a brand near and dear to my heart, Domani Color. Meke, brand owner and creator, was one of the first makers to give me a shot at swatching when she launched her inaugural collection in 2016. She took a chance on little ole’ me and I am forever grateful and honored. I wasn’t blogging at the time so I am super excited to have her and Domani Color in Queendom.

Meke took some time away from the polish game for a while to tend to her family but she is back and her new collection is packing a powerful punch. The Winter 2017/2018 Collection is a 5-piece collection showcasing cool weather shades I know you will love. These polishes are currently available so I stop the small talk so you can have more time to check out these beauties and get to shopping!



Swatch & Review: Turtle Tootsie – December Birthstone Trio


Hey y’all! Can you believe that we have 32 days left in 2017? Man! Where did 2017 go?! I feel like it was just yesterday when we were wishing each other a happy and prosperous 2017 and here we are again. Holiday decorations everywhere you turn, carols being sung and the everyone busy with the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Here we are breathing down the neck of December and with every change of every month there is a new Birthstone Trio from none other than Turtle Tootsie. Sharing these polishes every month for an entire year has been a true pleasure for me and I hope that you have been fortunate enough to grab a few for yourself. If not, no need to worry because they are still available in the shop RIGHT NOW!!

If you haven’t been privy to seeing the birthstone trios, be sure to take a second to rewind back to the beginning where it all began.

Jan / Feb / March / Apr / May / June / July / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov

So let’s keep the party going and check out what December has in store for us! And don’t forget, nail polish makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any nail-aholic!


Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – December COTM and December Polish Pickup


 Hey All, I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday thus far! Yesterday I announced my official return but didn’t get a chance to really chit chat. I’ve missed you all while on my mini vacay. Majority of my time was spent getting ready for the big move. We had our pre-settlement walkthrough, then closing and finally move day. I was lucky enough to have amazing help from family and friends making my move seamless. We were done loading and unloading the truck in under 2 hours. I’m still in the process of getting things organized but all the boxes are unpacked and the place is starting to get that homey feel.

I’ve been really looking forward to sharing today post. I have 3 new polishes from LynB Designs, 2 of which are COTM and the other is for the upcoming December Polish Pickup themed based on holidays around the world.



Swatch & Review: Pahlish – 12 Days of Christmas, Free GWP and December Polish Pickup (PPU)


I’m baaaaaaack!! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you all! I hope that you all gobbled-gobbled til you wobbled wobbled. 

I will not delay this post as today is the last day to take advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas Collection from Pahlish. Plus I have the amazing gift with purchase (GWP) polishes AND….. the December Polish Pickup!! So let’s jump right in, shall we?!

This year, Pahlish did a bit of a throwback and revisited the 12 Days of Christmas! This collection is currently available for preorder until midnight cst., but lets say 11:59pm to be on the safe side. But don’t fret if you miss them this time, they will be restocked in small amounts when the shop reopens in December. These polishes will all be limited edition and will not be available after January 1st. 

Everything on the site will be unlimited preorder!! Don’t forget to stock up and save on shipping, FREE US shipping at $50 and international shipping at $100 will be available and all open discount codes will be deactivated during the sale. Please note, the anticipated turnaround time of up to 14 business days after the close of the preorder (everything should ship by December 15th) (more…)

Swatch & Review: Smokey Mountain – Holiday/Winter Collection


Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I have upcoming, 4- piece quad from Smokey Mountain Lacquer, and what. They are all crellies!!!

You may remember Smokey Mountain Lacquer from part 3 of the November Polish Pickup but today Kim is back! Before we jump right into the polish, because this is Kim’s, brand creator and owner, first time solo in the Queendom, let’s say we find out a little about the brand.

Hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, Smokey Mountain Lacquers (SML) has been in business for 3 years. SML is a 5 free premium quality indie brand that offers unique nail lacquer in several colors, effects and finishes. SML also offers custom polishes which are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life or special events. SML expanded their product line to include bath and body products in 2017!

So without further adieu, let’s check out the polish!



Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – Making Christmas Collection


I’m so excited to publish today’s post because today is my 300th blog post!!! When I launched my blog June 2016, I never thought I’d get to this point. I thought maybe 50 and if I were lucky 100 but 17 months later I’ve hit a huge milestone.

For all those thinking of starting a blog or YouTube channel, start it! Start now! Don’t put it off any longer!! Don’t wait until next tomorrow or next week or next month, start now!! My husband asked me a question the other day, I’m sure it was something he heard or read somewhere, but he asked me, ‘When’s the last time you did something for the first time?’ I had to stop and thing about it because so many time we get caught in an everyday routine and while that’s great, we have to also make sure we are showing up for our life. For ourselves! So my encouraging message for the day is, Start Now! Do something new.

Ok now that my sermon is over, let’s talk polish! I’m not sure about where you live but now that Halloween is over, everywhere I turn it’s all about Christmas. Oh, and Black Friday! So if you’re one of those people who love sales and Christmas, make sure you read til the end. Today’s post features the newest, upcoming 7- piece collection from LynB Designs, Making Christmas.

Now I love Christmas just as much as the next person but I can do without the white stuff… ya know, snow ❄️!! But nothing is better than celebrating this joyous holiday with family and friends, other than weeeelll maybe a great mani… lol. But with this collection, you can have both!