Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – June 2018 POTM


Hey Sugas!! I know the first day of summer is June 21st this year, but it’s time to sit poolside, fire up the bbq and sip iced tea or lemonade this weekend as we welcome the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day! Oh, who am I kidding, here in MD we are expecting clouds, rain and thunderstorms, but a girl a dream right?! Nevertheless, whatever the weather may be or what plans you have, there is one thing you won’t want to miss…..

The June POTM from LynB Designs!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Inspired by one of the June birthstones, Alexandrite, Alexandrine will be available this weekend along with a Memorial Day sale!




Moore Swatches: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer – Atlanta Graffiti Collection


Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the home of the Braves, Falcons and Hawks, just to name a few. Atlanta has great food, culture and of course graffiti. This month Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s (BEGL’s) is celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary – on 5/18 to be exact! – and Julie, located in ATL is planning to have some fun stuff happening in the BEGLove group (direct link below), so be sure to join if you’re not already in the group.

This month’s collection is called the Atlanta Graffiti Collection and the 5 piece collection was inspired by the gorgeous wall art all around Atlanta.  



Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – May 2018 Release


Not to long ago I was asked ‘why indie polish? It’s so expensive and you have to pay for shipping.’

My simple response was… #indiesdoitbetter!

But that was not the whole reason or the entire truth. So I thought about it and wanted to use my blog to explain my answer to this question.

The fact of the matter is, indie polish makers are those women AND men that make nail polish out of hobby/personal interest and to help support their families. They are not polishes thought up my some focus group and mixed in a big factory. Everything from mixing to bottling and shipping is done most times in their home. I love supporting small business and to know that my purchase is helping to make a difference. The makers actually have a passion for the industry and it shows in the polish. They use the best ingredients and most mix by hand in small batches to ensure a quality polish, not quantity. The $8-$13 for a bottle is more than just polish, it’s the relationship I have with the maker. I love the little smiley face on my invoice or when they are on social media they know me simply from an order I placed. It’s the uniqueness of the polish that I am not likely to find in a bottle of the big box guys. You tell me where else can I get a multichrome, magnetic polish or a thermal flakie with shimmer. I’ll wait.

So I say all that to say, if you have not tried indie polish, do yourself a favor and be like Nike… #justdoit! You’ll thank me later! And if you don’t know what to get, let me entice your nails with the 5 new polishes from Sassy Sauce Polish. Carrie, owner and maker, is releasing new polishes this Friday. And wouldn’t you know it, there are 3 thermals, 1 magnetic and a duochrome!


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The Queen’s Critique: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Cuticle Oil


Look, just because the weather is teetering on the verge of warmer weather, that does not mean that we should neglect our nails and cuticles. It’s just as important now as it is in December to protect our nails and cuticles because breaks, cracks and splits can still happen when it’s 90 degrees outside. And let’s face it, chapped, dry, painful, cracked skin and cuticles are not cute, honey and greasy fingers are not an option.

Healthy cuticles are happy cuticles and happy cuticles comes when we spoil them with the best of the best. After working endlessly to find the perfect combination of the best oils, Virginia of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited has cracked the code and as has created a soothing, healing, moisturizing oil that also penetrates quickly. 

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The Queen’s Critique: Peel Off Base Coat Comparison

What do apples, oranges and bananas all have in common? Right, they’re all fruits. Easy right?!

So what does Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all have in common?


Ok, I gave you long enough. For those that said peel-off base coat, you are the lucky winner!!! If you didn’t get it right, that’s ok, you still loved.

Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all offer their own version of a peel-off base to aid with removal of stubborn finishes like glitters and quick changes during a swatch fest and today I have all 3 to compare. Now that’s not to say I don’t love all of them, because I do, they all offer something different and special.

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Moore Swatches: Road to Polish Con (RTPC) New York Spring 2018 – Week 10


Hey Sugas! I gotta know. Are you #teamyanny or #teamlaurel? And how many of you are looking forward to the royal wedding? My invitation must’ve gotten lost in the mail… lol – but it’s ok because the big day I’m looking forward to is coming soon. I ain’t even gonna lie, this rain and grey skies has me feelin’ some kinda way. The only thing keeping me sane is the fact that we are official inside the 30 day countdown to PC! Can I get a ‘HECK YA’?!

RTPC week 10 is pulling into the station with Dollish Polish and Bee’s Knees but not before we say ‘see ya’ later’ to week 9 featuring Flirtin’ Cosmetics and Girly bits Cosmetics. And I hoped you enjoyed the Up Close & Personal 2.0: Polish Con Edition Live Q&A with the Sham and Pam because next week I’ll have Dolly and Sarah. Find out all about them, their brands and what you can expect at Polish Con!


For the official Polish Con Press Release and info about Polish Con NY 2018, check out my post here. Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Miranda Kraft by email at

And lastly, don’t forget to use my unique blogger code, QUEENOFNAILS (weekly shipping) or QUEENOFNAILSHOLD (hold shipping), at checkout to receive a free gift with purchase!!


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Moore Swatches: All Mixed Up Lacquers – Neons, Neons, Everywhere!


All week here in Maryland we have experiencing rain. But not just your run of the mill rain, I’m talkin’ unrelenting, down pours. In the downtown area of Frederick there has been flash floods and road closures due to sink holes. Many homes are with out power and have damage to their homes. I’m hoping after all the rain we will get some neon… I mean sunshine.

Whoever said all neons were created the same obviously has not seen the 2 neon collections from All Mixed Up Lacquers. LJ Stanford, owner and creator, is re-releasing Neon Addicts Anonymous (NAA) AND a new neon collection, Hot Southern Mess On Friday, May 18th! Get your sunglasses boys and girls, this is gonna be a bright one!Enjoy… 


Moore Challenges: Go Gray in May 2018 – Midway Check-In

Hey Sugas and happy Wednesday! We are at the 16th day of May, midway through my #gograyinmay challenge and I wanted to do a quick check in. So far, so good! I have managed to do a different gray swatch each day AND post to IG! Don’t believe me, keep reading for a collage of days 1 thru 15

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all the ladies and gents, near and far, that have not only done a gray mani, but for all your thoughts, kind words, prayers and virtual hugs – they mean more to me than you know. Due to the amazing response of gray manis, I will be posting multiple collages at the end of the month on IG of those that took part in the challenge with me – rust me, they will know your socks off!

If you haven’t already done a gray mani, there’s still time! Keep reading to find out all the details and how you can help spread awareness, support the cause and treat yourself to some great nail polish and nail care items from 2 amazing indie brands!

For the full story of my dad, Michael, visit my original blog post, here.

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The Queen’s Critique: Beauty Big Bang


Hey Sugas and happy Tuesday! Today I have a review – ah I hate calling it a review, let’s say ‘my thoughts’ on 3 products I was sent from Beauty Big Bang. Because I love all things nail polish and nail art, I selected a stamping plate, clear stamper and cotton claw.

I own a lot of plates from different brands with all kinds of images and sizes and I am glad to say that I will be adding Beauty Big Bang to that lineup. I absolutely love the clear stamper; is very easy to use and has a larger, very transparent stamping head. The cotton claw is a must in any nail addicts arsenal.

Keep reading to see this products ‘in action’ and….. to get my unique blogger code good for 10% off anything in the store!

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Moore Swatches: Lacquer Collab – Glitter & Glam


It’s all glitter and glam until someone or something gets hurt and the only THING getting hurt around here is the bank accounts.

Dominque of Color Infinity (formerly known as Tux Polish) is the originator of the Lacquer Collab Box which will feature up to 12 indie makers every month. Each maker will create a polish based on a theme selected collectively by the makers. Shoppers can purchase as many, or as few, colors from the box as they wish and the debut box will launch Friday, May 18, at 1:00pm est! Preorder will end at 11:59pm est on Tuesday, May 22nd and this months’ theme is ‘Glitter & Glam’

Today I have 3 of the polishes that will be available and let me be the first to say… glitter and glam never looked so good!