May Monthly Awareness Polish Box: Stroke Awareness

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May is National Stoke Awareness Month

Is that’s time of the month again when we here at the Queendom get our edumakation on. LOL, that was a joke. But seriously, it’s the time of the month when I try to bring you a little knowledge to go with your beautiful polish fix. Next week begins National Stroke Awareness Month and did you know that strokes are the 5th cause of death and leading cause of disability in the U.S. No? Neither did I! Keep reading to find out a little more about stroke, ways to minimize your risk and understanding the warning signs.

Q: What is a stroke?

A: “Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts (or ruptures). When that happens , part of the brain cannot get the blood (and oxygen) it needs, so it and brain cells die.” In laymans terms, “a stroke is a medical emergency that happens when the blood flow to your brain is interrupted. Without blood, your brain cells start to die.”*

Q: What are the different types of stroke?

A: “There are 3 different main types of strokes, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), Ischemic, and Hemorrhagic. It’s estimated that 87 percent of strokes are ischemic.”*

Q: What can I do to prevent a stroke?

A: Here are a few ways to reduce your risk of stroke. 1) prevent or control high blood pressure, 2) eat healthy, 3) get quality sleep, 4) be physically active, 5) maintain a healthy body weight, 6) quit smoking (if you’re a smoker), 7) control blood sugar and 8) manage cholesterol*

Know the Signs:


F – Face drooping

A – Arm weakness

S – Speech difficulties

T – Time to call 911

Be Good to your Heart ❤ !!!

This month the Monthly Awareness Polish Box (M.A.P.B.) is supporting the National Stroke Association by donating 10% of all sales. Preorder starts April 26th and goes thru May 9th and shipping will begin mid month. Please note, at this time international orders will not be accepted (this may change in the future). The cost is $52/box including all 6 polishes, $40 for your choice of 4 or $11/individually (applicable shipping rates apply).

April Makers and Brands features:

Crystal Churchill of POSHLish
Jenn Rosario of Nevermind Polish
Sophia Jewels of O My Jewels
Virginia Shaw of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
Cynthia Decker of Alter Ego
Angie Cavaiuolo of Sassy Pants Polish



Crystal Churchill of POSHlish

“Survivor” is a shimmery lilac pearl with sea-foam green undertone.

 Jenn Rosario of Nevermind Polish

“Picking Up The Pieces” is a hot pink with a touch of shimmer and blue/purple/red chameleon flakies

Sophia Jewels of O My Jewels

“Act F.A.S.T.” is a creamy smooth red with a dash of matte white multi size flakies

Virginia Shaw of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited

“Fighting Back” is a peacock turquoise green with silver holo micro glitters, teal to blue iridescent shifting glitter, blue micro shreds and flakies and blue to aqua to violet UCC flakies

Cynthia Decker of Alter Ego

“Small Steps, Big rewards” is a olive green with micro bronze flakies

Angie Cavaiuolo of Sassy Pants Polish

“Know the Signs” is a royal/navy blue scattered holographic polish with various sized black holographic and opal iridescent glitters and microglitters as well as gold shimmers

**Be sure to check out more swatches and reviews**

Jessica Federoff of SloppySwatches – Blog / FB / IG
Courtney Stemple of nails_by_courtney.s – IG
Dianna Setterfield – IG / FB / Blog

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Swatch & Review: Polish Con NYC 2017 Roundup pt 2


Hey guys and gals, happy Friday 😦 Today is extremely bittersweet for me. You see, my kids were on spring break all week and working from home with them here isn’t as easy or fun as it sounds so I decided to take the week off too. Yes, vacation! Even if we didn’t do anything or go anywhere, the fact that there was no school or work was enough for us. But alas, here we are, it’s the last day of my vacation and I’m back at work next week. While I love my job, I enjoyed being off, staying up late at night, sleeping in until all hours of the morning and napping throughout the day, it will be missed. I was also able to get caught up on some swatching, but ‘back to the drawing board,’ as my dad used to say.  On the flip side of that coin, the happy, dancing, smiling from ear to ear me is super exciting that we are just 8 short days days from POLISH CON!!! 

If you watched my live Q&A on my Queen of Nails 83 Facebook Page or IG, then you know every time I say ‘Polish Con’, I frantically shake my fists in the air with excitement. And since we are talking about my Facebook Page, I urge you to like and follow it as my hubby and I will be bringing you live coverage of Polish Con throughout the day.

But enough about all that, in part 1 of my Polish Con Roundup I brought you a full S&R of event polishes from Dollish Polish, Polish My Life and Fair Maiden, well today I’m back with more! More goodies from 3 amazing makers, trust me, you’re in for a treat. Not only do I have the Ever After and Great Lakes Lacquer Duo, I also have the trio from Mildred at Anonymous Lacquer…and a few other surprises.

So go grab your coffee, soda or water and bite to eat as we see what more these amazing makers have in store for us.

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid, various glossy topcoats and Matte Me topcoat by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Ever After and Great Lakes Lacquer Duo

Dream (Ever After) is a vivid pool blue with shifting blue to pink/purple shimmer

Shine (Great Lakes Lacquer) is a delicate but bold pink with undertones of blue with a strong linear holo

**Rachel & Miranda also created 3 event LEs**

525, 600 Minutes

A lavender holo with holo, silver silvery sparkle and a purple pink shift 

La Vie Boheme

A beige leaning pewter holo with a rainbows of multi chrome flakes and green to red shift  

No Day But Today

A deep navy holo with copper sparkle and green to red shift

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: perfect!!!! No issues to report

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 coats

Price: $20 Duo and $11 each for LEs

Availability: At Polish Con 4/29

Overall: BUY IT ALL!!! I love both of these brands so much and know for a fact a lot of my money will be spent at their table…lol. 

Here’s the extra special surprise I was telling you about! Ever After will be doing a soft launch of their Dragon Collection at Polish Con. They will be on my blog 5/1 and available on their site 5/5.

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Anonymous Lacquer

Make It By Any Means

A super silver fine flake linear holo 

I ❤ An Apple

A berry red linear holo with cherry micro holo glitter

The Wonder City

A multi shifter purple, blue, turquoise with lots of black and purple micro holo and 3 different multichrome flakes

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: magical!!! No issues to report

Opacity: swatches shown in 2-3 coats

Price: $10

Availability: at Polish Con 4/29

Overall: in my eyes Mildred can do no wrong. All her polishes are amazing and this trio is too. If you don’t already have a mule….FIND ONE, you’ll definitely want to have these.

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Up Close & Personal with Lisette Valence-Jeffers of Inspurrrations Nail Polish

img_5489Name: Lisette Valence-Jeffers
Location: Lebanon, Oregon
Birthday: May 3

Who is your favorite superhero and why?
I’m going to go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not your traditional hero, but I like her attitude, how she doesn’t need a special outfit to ware to kick some butt, and all of her friends are there to help and support her.

If you were singing at Karaoke, what song would you be singing?
I love to sing but I’ve always been to nervous to sing solo. But if I had to do it probably anything by Madonna, before I started loosing my voice from steroid inhalers, I sounded kind of like her when singing.

Top 3 favorite songs of the 90s?
Anything from Depeche Mode, Erasure, New Order or The Cure. I was sort of a closet Goth after High School.

Favorite childhood toy?
My 3 Cabbage Patch Kids, Ingrid Dolores, Ramsey Skip and Inga Dorenna. I didn’t play house or school with them, my Cabbage Patch Kids were in a band with my friends Cabbage Patch Kid that lived down the street. They had instruments and everything that we made from other toys or household things we found. And the best part was I had a radio that recorded onto blank tapes, yes tapes I’m that old, and we would record us playing with the dolls and switching over to the radio and pretending the music on the radio was our Cabbage Patch band! I still have the tapes. LOL

Describe yourself in 5 words
Organized, sensitive, funny, guarded, and sarcastic. According to my husband my funny and sarcastic are the same thing.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do? (Outside of making polish and filling orders…lol)
I love to cook I’ve often thought about teaching cooking classes at my church. I’m noticing more and more young girls don’t know how to cook and go out to eat for all their meals. I’m also a big fan of TV/Movies, I rather have the TV on then listen to music. A lot of times when I post video on my Instagram I’ll say what’s on in the back ground because you can here it on the video. I also love costuming and sewing, I don’t get to do that much anymore because now all my free time is spent running my business. About 2 years ago my family and I went to Comic Con in Portland Oregon and I made steampunk Alice in Wonderland costumes for everyone, If you go to my Facebook page you can see the costumes there.

When and why did you decide to start a nail polish line?
In August of 2015 I knew my job was moving 2 hours North to Portland and I wasn’t sure when my last day was going to be. On a Friday I was looking on Pinterest at nail polish ideas and found a beautiful color, I clicked on the picture and it took me to someone’s Etsy page and she said that she made hand mixed nail polish. That absolutely blew my mind, I had no idea that was a thing and I had never even heard of “Indie polish” by that weekend I had researched, bought my first start up set of polish making stuff, and was super excited to dive into this world. On Monday I was told that would be my last week of work. After lots of praying and asking God and my husband and some friends what I should do, what I should name the company, how could I be different then every other brand, it literally came to me while I was driving home for the last time from my job. I already knew I wanted to have cats in it some how, I was listening to a Christion song on the radio and thought the name of the song would be a great polish name but I quickly realized that I could get into trouble with copy right laws for stealing someone’s name, but the song was named after a bible verse and I could use the verse as a name. That’s when I got the idea about finding verses that are inspired by the color. And then the name just came to me Inspurrrations! It had all of my favorite things inspiring bible verses, cats and nail polish, and as an added bonus I get to spread Gods word in a fun and nonthreatening way. I was on my way, I officially started my brand on September 15th 2015.

What makes your brand different?
The bible verse, I name each polish after a verse and I tie a tag onto the bottle with the verse on it as well. Most people don’t even realize that there is a bible verse and some people get super excited and search to see if there favorite verse is a color. I’ve had people tell me they save the tag to use as bookmarks in their bible or even tape them to their mirror so they can read it every morning while getting ready.

What is one thing you’re willing to share that your customers would be surprised to know about you?
When I was in my 20’s I was in a renaissance reenactment group called the SCA, that’s were my love for costuming and sewing came from. I also have a degree in Interior Design.

What advice/tips/best practices would you give someone wanting to start their own polish company?
1. Know what your getting into before you start. No matter what it is do a little bit of research. Two months after I started I did a GIANT show in Portland for Christmas, I’d never been to this show and up until this point had only sold at churches or other small venues in my area. This show killed me, both physically and mentally. Everything I had been doing, was not working here, at all, resulting in me losing tons of money. 2. Be open to change. The same event made me realize my display was to much to look at and people were confused by it so on day 3 of this 6 day event I packed up my display and just lay the polish on the table. I thought this was going to be a horrible idea but it turned out for the better I found a display that worked better and was easier for me to haul, set up and take down with out making a ton of trips to the car. 3. And know your worth. Calculate everything that goes into making a bottle of polish but especially your time. Don’t go into business not paying yourself for what you are doing, this is work, this is your job and your business you deserve to get paid for it.

Besides your own, what other brands do you own/wear?
Before my own I only wore Sinful Colors. I still sneak into Walgreens and take pictures and swatch some on a piece of paper so I can try to dupe it. LOL But right now I only ware my brand, you cant advertise to the check out lady, or a coworker if you have someone else on.

What is one of you favorite collections or polishes you created?
All of them have a little special story for me, but probably last summer when my parents came to visit, my mom and I stayed up late inventing colors then spent the next 3 days making, bottling and labeling. It was great having someone to help me but also having her around to talk to, and stay up late gossiping, like we did when I was younger and still living at home.

How did you come up with your company name and logo?
I wanted to use a cat and a bible because they reflected what I was about. I actually found the two pictures separately and combined them my self to design my own logo.

If you weren’t in the indie polish business, what’s another product you would have liked to create?
I had been considering sewing cat and dog toys to sell. Whether you love cats or dogs one thing is for sure, people are crazy for their pets and will spend money on them!

Any spoilers that you care to share about future collections, products, etc?
Yes! If it’s not already out when this gets published my mom has come up with a line of one of a kind nail polish bottle canvas art. She is using Inspurrrations nail polish to hand paint the pictures, they will be posted on my website to purchase and they can be personalize with your name, salon or nail account name.

In 10 words or less, what would be your brand slogan?
“The best little polish you aren’t buying!” At least for now, LOL. I got this from a magazine cover talking bout the show Gilmore Girls years ago, the article went on to say how great the show was but it’s popularity was moving slowly. I feel the same way about my polish, I have a lot of repeat customers and everyone of them tells me how much they love it, how fast it dries, and how chip resistant it is. I’ll get there one day, but for know my popularity is moving slowly. LOL

What do you love most about being an indie polish maker?
Getting to be a “mad scientist” in my kitchen, trying to figure things out especially when trying to dupe colors.

What other brand (just 1) would you like to collaborate with?
No one in particular. I would like to be a part of a combo with wax melts and bath bombs, we all come up with an idea that looks the same, for example blue and purple with glitter. So you can have a treat yourself day, melt the wax in your bathroom, drop in a bath bomb and paint your nails.

Favorite nail art technique?
I am master of none! I just paint my nails and add some sort of glitter topper over it. I would like to be able to stamp and I have several plates, but dang it, if I cant get that stupid stamper to pick up! 

What is your greatest accomplishment to date with your brand?
On St. Patrick’s Day this year, one of my nail polishes was featured in a manicure in Nail it! magazine. That was super exciting for me, I was bummed to find out while I was at work, no one there shared in my excitement, but my family did so that was great.

What is one challenge you’ve faced in business and how did you overcome it?
Living in a small farming community. Our post office is closed on Saturday, most people around here are farmers or gardeners and painting there nails isn’t something they do. So I’ve had to go to shows in much larger cities to get really good sales, and repeat business.

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Be Inspired: Easter Watermarble Mani

Hey y’all, today’s post is going to be so quick it’s gonna make you head spin. Simply because I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t have a post ready. 

First, Happy Belated Resurrection Day/Easter! I hope that you all had a relaxing holiday weekend. Mine was amazing. My son’s first AAU tournament of the season was Saturday and the 14u Hoyas won all 3 of their games. I do hope this is a preview of what is to come. Sunday, we went to church and then my family came over for a cookout. We laughed, ate and made new memories. I love spending time with loved ones, it makes my heart so full of joy. 

So here it is, my quick tutorial of how I completed my Easter Watermarble mani. Side note, had I known my blog would be about this mani, I would have taken more pictures. Sorry 😦  

  • First, I started with 2 thin coats of Jior White by Jior Couture over 1 coat of Nail Tek 2

  • Next, I applied scotch tape around my finger (instead of liquid latex) to make for easier and faster cleanup

  • Then using the Spring Break Collection from Bliss Polish and my Watermarble Tool from What’s Up Nails, I created a zigzag pattern in my cup of room temperature tap water

  • Next, I placed my finger in at the area of the design that I liked the best

  • With my finger still in the water, I blew on the surface of the water and removed the excess polish with a q-tip

  • I repeated the above steps for all 10 fingers and applied a coat of Tonic Topper QDTC (quick dry top coat)

  • Using Lina Stamping Plate Make Your Mark 03, Black stamping polish by Mundo de Unas, a stamper and scraper, I stamped on the image

  • Finally, I cleaned up with acetone and a cleanup brush and applied a final layer of Tonic Topper



This was my first purchase from Bliss Polish and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. This collection was released at Indie Shop ATL and Yvette, maker and creator of the brand, did a presale simultaneously on her site for the collection at an astonishing price of $40, you know I had to jump on them.

When I posted this mani on IG and FB, stamping of the collection was also asked about. So I did some quick and dirty testing over both black and white.

There you have it, quick, easy and full of awesomeness!

Thank you all for joining me today!

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Center Stage with Lyndsey Parker of Nail Pixi

nail pixi

Name: Lyndsey Parker 
Location: Hull, UK
Birthday: 26th June

What was your first job?
Office Junior for a housing Charity

Describe yourself using 3 words
Caring, Colourful & weird

What’s one your personal strengths?

Last movie you saw at the movie theater?
Inside Out

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
I’d be a dragon fruit as it’s colourful and very unique

How long have you known your best friend?
14 years and he just happens to be my husband!

Are you spontaneous or a planner?

How did you get started doing your nails?
I used to be a nail biter and was looking for a way to stop. Seeing nail art videos on YouTube got me instantly hooked!

What was the first brand you swatched for?
Vegan Beauty Cosmetics

What is your ‘go to’ cuticle oil?
Solar Oil by CND

You’re going on vacation for 2 weeks and can only take 3 bottles of polish (not including base or top coat). What do you take?
Color Club Harp On It, Sinful Colors Boom Boom & Nails Inc Porchester Square

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?
Keep your cuticles neat and use the best lighting you can.

What’s one nail related item you can’t live without?
Soap & Glory Hand Food (smells so good!!) 

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?
If I started an Indie brand it would be called NailPixi. My first collection would be called JasEllie after my daughters and would be a mix of girlie pinks and gothic tones!

Be sure to follow Nail Pixi on Instagram and her blog

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Swatch & Review: 2-Bit – The BFG Collection


Happy Wednesday folks! I think it’s time to catch you all up on the goingson here at the Queendom. Besides preparing for Polish Con, my family just recently welcomed 2 new healthy baby boys. Note to self, don’t drink the water…lol. My kids are well and daily life is as usual, a little heck but that’s what makes it fun. The girls are in gymnastics and Girls on the Run twice per week and now my son has basketball 3 times per week. We literally scheduling time just to sit down which by the way, I traded in to cook, because you know…we have to eat. 

In polish news, today I have the newest collection from 2-Bit Polish. This fun and exciting 5 pc collection is based on Roald Dahl’s book (and movie adaptations), The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) and also celebrates the brands 1 year anniversary. Also releasing will be the brands top and base coat for $4.50 each. I was sent the topcoat to use and I must say, I really like it. It does have a thinner formula which is easy to apply and dries super quick. There was no dulling of holo and it left the polishes very shiny. I’ll definitely keep you posted as I continue to use it. 

Now lets see those swatches!

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Matte Me topcoat by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Human Bean

A nude holo – Swatch shown with 2 coats

Giant Country

A yellow jelly with blue shimmer – Swatch shown with 3 coats


A green shimmering polish – Swatch shown with 2 coats

Dream Country

A silver linear holo – Swatch shown with  4 coats

Strawbunkles and Cream

A thermal flip between a berry red (cold) and a light blue frosted pink (warm) – Swatch shown with 3 coats

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: No issues to report. Each finish had a great formula and applied effortlessly. 

Opacity: see above

Price: $45/set or individually between $10-$11

Availability: preorder starts 4/15 

Overall: you may have noticed that 2-Bit had a bottle change, no issues to report.  I love the entire collection and but if I have to pick a favorite it would Frobscottle, it spoke to me…lol.

Have you ever had a polish ‘speak’ to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Swatch & Review: Polish Con NYC 2017 Roundup Pt 1


Good Morning my polish lovin’ people!!! We are only 19 days away from what is sure to be a mind-blowing, life changing event! I don’t think I have been this excited about anything in a really long time! What am I talking about??? POLISH CON (PC) NYC 2017!!! These makers and their brands are going to shut Brooklyn down and yours truly will be all up in the mix.

In addition to the amazing polish that will be available, I am excited to spend the day hob-knobbing with the who’s who and socialites of the indie polish scene. There are going to be a lot of familiar swatchers, bloggers and nail enthusiast in the building and I plan on taking full advantage of the time to put faces with names of those I admire on IG and FB. Over the last 2 years I have cultivated relationships with the women and men I could only dream of meeting and finally…my dream is coming true.

If you are unable to attend PC, don’t worry about it! I plan to bring you LIVE coverage throughout the day on my Queen of Nails 83 Facebook page courtesy of my hubby, Jason. He will be streaming live and taking pictures so too can be part of the action. If you don’t currently “LIKE” my page, I suggest you do so to stay on top all the fun!

I think that’s enough from me as it’s time to share some of the goodies that are going to be available at PC. Various makers that will be at PC sent me their exclusives, limited editions and collabs to review. I thought it would be a good idea to showcase these polishes in multiple posts that I am calling Polish Con NYC 2017 Roundup! Today I have polishes from Polish My Life (along with their duo with Dollish Polish), le Polish and Fair Maiden.

So sit back, kick you feet up and get ready for awesomeness…part 1!!!

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and various glossy topcoats. Matte topcoat by Turtle Tootsie Polishes (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Polish My Life and Dollish Polish NY Polish Con Duo

I’m a Yankee Girl (Polish My Life) is a gray/blue creme with a dusting of holo and white shimmer flakies.

Beer & Brats at Citi Field (Dollish Polish) is a bright blue holo with orange glitters.

**Shaneka also created 2 event exclusives**

Brooklyn Bridge Sunsets

A purple cremely with blue shimmer flakies, and multi chrome green/blue/purple flakies

NYC Freestyle Friday

is a full opaque plumberry crème

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: each polish is amazing and easy to work with.

Opacity: swatches shown with 2 coats

Price: Duo – $20 / Exclusives – $10

Availability: Only at PC 4/29

Overall: This was the first time I have used either one of these brands and I must say the experience was perfect. The unique polishes both these brand produced as top notch and a definite must have whether you’re attending PC or have someone picking up a few goodies on your behalf.

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le Polish Polish Con LE Trio

Be (Polish)Confident

A dusty purple full of shimmer and microflakes. A sister to the Road to Polish Con favorite Polish Con’t Go.

(Polish)Conquer the World

A navy blue crelly with color-shifting glitter in blue, green, and purple.


A taupe crelly full of purple and green color-shifting flakies.

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: PERFECT!!!!

Opacity: Swatches shown in 2 coats

Price: $10 each

Availability: at Polish Con 4/29 with preorder on website running simultaneously 4/28-4/30

Overall: Allison is amazing at creating gorgeous polish and this trio leaves up to all standards. All 3 colors and finishes are brilliant! 

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Fair Maiden Shopping Is My Cardio and Sex and the City Polish Con Limited Edition Polishes


A medium blue based holo that shifts to a bright turquoise, loaded with multichrome flakies


A vampy deep holo with multichromatic shift from red-magenta-purple-blue


A taupe holo with purple multichromatic shift and finished with a smattering of micro holo pigment


Soft and sweet pink holo with lavender shift

Shopping Is My Cardio

A blue to purple to teal multichrome with holo sparkle and finished with duochrome iridescent

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application:

Opacity: Swatches shown in 2 coats


Availability: at Polish Con 4/29

Overall: Sarah and Adrienne worked their magic once again. These polishes will not disappoint what-so-ever. Each color of the SATC quad is a true representation of the characters and was a joy to swatch. Shopping is my Cardio, is officially my new tagline and a showstopper to say the least.  

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All I can say is, “PLEASE HAVE YOUR COINS (money) READY BECAUSE THESE MAKERS ARE NOT PLAYING WHEN IT COMES THE BEAUTIFUL POLISHES CREATED FOR THIS EVENT!” And yes, I am shouting because I want to make sure you understand me clearly. I’d hate to say, “I told you so,” or you end up with non-buyers remorse. Please stay tunes for more polishes and swatches as I have them available in part 2, and quite possibility part 3 of my Polish Con NYC 2017 Roundup. 

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Swatch & Review: Nevermind – U Jelly? Collection


Hey y’all! I’m gonna skip over all the pleasantries and jump right into some jelly goodness. This collection that I’m featuring today makes me want to sing…

“I don’t think you ready for this jelly,
I don’t think you ready for this jelly,
I don’t think you ready for this,
‘Cause my body too bootylicious for yo babe”

Of course in my head I look and sing just like Queen Bey herself. Hey, a girl can dream right??

But today, today I’m happy just being regular ole’ Krystal because one thing I have that Beyoncé doesn’t, is the U Jelly? Collection from Nevermind Polish. This 10 pc collection is made up of all jelly polishes in a rainbow of colors…plus a few extra!

Who’s ready to taste the rainbow with me?

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Tonic Topper by Tonic (shiny) and Matte topcoat by Turtle Tootsie Polishes (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

 Sanguine Humor – Red

Raspberry Jelly – Dark Pink

Strawberry Jelly – Light Pink

Marmalade – Orange

Ichor – Yellow

Gelatinous Cube – Green

Ooze – Turquoise

Blue Goo – Blue

Purple Plasma – Purple

Death Serum – Black