Moore Swatches: Ethereal Lacquer – Dark Magic Collection


Hey Sugas!!! I probably say this about every Ethereal polish, but this collection is my FAVE!! 

Mark your calendars for 1 week from today, Friday September 27th, for the release of the Dark Magic Collection! This 7-piece collection features gorgeousness, perfection and awesomeness in a variety of finishes and shades. And… if that weren’t enough, there is a limited edition best seller with a spooky, Halloween twist that is making a frightening appearance for this release.  


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Moore Swatches: Scofflaw Nail Varnish – Fall 2019 Collection


Hey Sugas!! I never thought I’d be so happy for it to be Thursday!! You see, Monday-Wednesday I am in class in the evenings which means I have to leave right after work to get to class on time. But Thursdays… oh how sweet they are. It’s the first day of the week that I really get to  connect with my husband and children and RELAX!!! I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet because the kiddos and hubby should be walking through the door any minute.

So far this week  I have sharing Fall/Autumn or Halloween themed and inspired collections, so why not keep a good thing going with the upcoming 8-piece collection from Scofflaw Nail Varnish. 


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Moore Swatches: Lemming Lacquer – Halloween Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Sitting in class so I have limited time.

Today I am excited to share the upcoming Halloween Collection from Lemming Lacquer. This 9-piece collection features something for everyone!

Let me know your favorites in the comments.

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Moore Swatches: The Holo Hookup – October 2019: Fall Harvest


Hey Sugas!! It’s time to pumpkin spice things up around here because the first official day of fall/Autumn is 7 days away!!! I’ve completely fall-en in love for the Fall Harvest themed October 2019 Holo Hookup Box featuring special guest maker, Victoria from Blush Lacquer.

I know all these fall/autumn puns may be a bit corny, but the polishes included in this box are a-maize-ing!

Moore Swatches: Rogue Lacquer – Happy Rainbows Collection


Hey Sugas!!! It’s time to turn in my summer brights and pull out all the dark and vampy fall/autumn shades of polish.


Rainbows appear all year long and now you can have your own personal rainbow in the palm of your hand…. or on your fingertips. Rogue is releasing Happy Rainbow, a 7-piece collection featuring color shifting shimmers in warm jelly shades.


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Moore Swatches: The Polish Palette – September 2019


Hey Sugas!!! Who remembers family favorite game, Guess Who? The classic ‘go to’ game where you asked your opponent a series of questions to determine their selected player. Guess Who is great for any age for a snowed in day or just a random family game night.

The joining efforts of the Polish Palette decided to use this same strategy for the upcoming September 2019 quad. As per usual, each maker created 2 polishes but it’s up to you to guess who made which polishes.

Be sure to leave your guess in the comments.

Moore Swatches: Different Dimension – Alien Collection and August/September 2019 POTM


The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!!

No… I’m serious, the aliens really are coming! But not in the form of little green guys but little bottles  of greatness! Different Dimension has created a 6-piece jelly collection complete with iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. In addition to the aliens, there are 2 new crellies of month for August and September. AND…. new cuticle oil fragrances!!

Whew… that’s a mouth full. It’s probably best if I just show you…  


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Moore Swatches: Baroness X & Ethereal Lacquer – Sunwashed Grave Duo


Hey Sugas!!! I’m running off coffee and fumes this morning and slowly making my way through the day. I definitely have a new found appreciation and respect for working women who go back to school. This being a wife, mother, woman, student thing is not for the lighthearted, it takes a level of sacrifice , patience and dedication that I didn’t know I had…lol! But this is my dream so I’m going to see it through til the end because that which does not kill me, makes me stronger!

On to the polish…

Baroness X and Ethereal Lacquer combined their powerful forces to create the Sunwashed Grave Duo. Ethereal Lacquer found inspiration a sun washed graveyard photos while Baroness X drew from the spirits of a graveyard at twilight picture. Both stunning and definitely needed!


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Moore Swatches: Sparkle and Shine – Haunted Forest


Hey Sugas!!! I’m back today with the next installment of the bi-monthly Sparkle & Shine collab featuring Nailed It! Nail Polish and Wildflower Lacquer! The featured guest maker this month is none other than Ethereal Lacquer and the theme?

…. wait for it

…. Haunted Forest. 


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